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These Hills Definitely Have Eyes

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Sometimes people tell things, you have no idea of! And then suddenly information start coming from every possible source as if some supernatural power wants you to know all about it or may be I am just imagining it! 😉

Once I was in a conversation with a colleague…about the life of hill people which obviously for them seems ‘impossibly hard’. I am done explaining to people that it’s actually the opposite provided you are making good money, there’s no better place to live than hills! (By hills, I don’t mean hills, they do have houses 😉 )

It no more surprises me when they ask silly questions like, “How do they even live there? How is it possible to make a house on a mountain? Don’t people fall down from their balconies when it’s dark…?”

I don’t know why but most of contemporaries from the plains not only think but firmly believe that it’s just impossible to live there. They further add, “Do they get vegetables and fruits to eat there?”

I can’t believe. They live in mountains not on some hanging pole! And as far as I remember, the hills have many fruits which are not even seen in plains! If given choice, I would love to spend my whole life there but…

Forget it…that’s not my point. What I am saying is, one day one of my colleagues said, “We have heard there’s a village in Himachal where the Aryans have still managed to maintain the purity of their race. They are tall, fair and blue eyed people. They marry amongst themselves, and speak a very different language!”

This wasn’t totally something new. Most of the people there are fair, many well heighted, and very few also have blue eyes. I never heard about these ‘pure lines’ ever, but knowing the fact that I am just a human, and there’s limit to my knowledge, I just responded with a ‘may be’ at that moment.

But the curious history-loving brain kept bothering me, “Is it true? Who knows! When News Channels can show the way to Heaven (with steps) right through Himalayas, how did they miss it, or  was it me who was deaf and blind!”

Slowly I got busy with other stuff of life, only to hear a similar thing about the height, beauty, and the exclusiveness of a human race in the interiors of ‘my state’ from a visitor. He was talking about Kasol. I thought …hmmm, interesting!

And the very next day an article came in the news paper… “The Residents Of Malana Claims Themselves To Be The Descendants Of Alexander The Great.

Okay… that’s the thing. The Jumble got solved. So this is Malana people who were being talked about above. Well, I have never been there, so I am yet to see the ‘exclusiveness’ but Malana has surely once again succeeded in making it to the headlines :).

(For those who don’t know…Malana is a remote village in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Supposedly, the oldest democracy in world. They have a peculiar judicial system; the word of their village deity is final and no one dares to go against it. No one! If you want to know more…Go Google it. And remember I am not exaggerating; it’s a major hit among foreigners travelling north ;))

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