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Lost and… Lost!!!

Though a new day has dawned, I still feel like my eyes are denying the fact. Actually it’s happening for last few days; as if I haven’t slept in ages…

There are thoughts bothering the peace of my mind…There are questions to which no one has the answers!

Life and it’s probabilities…

The people you work with, spend your time with, become a sort of second family. You become used to them, and their presence; You get used to see them in a particular way, and suddenly everything changes…

One of my such beloved friend, lost her companion all of a sudden. We are left aghast; she is such a bubbly person, and very young!!!!

I keep imagining our time together; the thoughts of her grief stricken face stop my heart beat for a moment; It all looks like a bad dream. I keep wondering at the unpredictiblity of life! Being apart, I am unaware of the happenings there; but my imaginations constantly keep me under a scarry spell.

How weird is this; you hear about countless deaths due to myriad reasons on daily basis but the life’s merciless nature strikes the hardest when a close one is taken away!!!!

I keep thinking and thinking…so naturally my sleep has made its distance…

I know it’s not going to be like this forever…I will soon befriend the reality, and obviously my sleep would come back to normal. But my heart bleeds to think about my friend. It’s impossible for me or for anyone to feel the pain she is going through.

Who is going to answer her questions? Why it has to be her?

Helpless, not getting the answers, possibly…one day, she will also have to leave all her questions, and choose to…’live’ again…

For, death leaves no hints behind; there is only one way to seek the answers…

And that is…by LIVING….

Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


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