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An Update to Lord Rama from 21st Century India

Dear Rama,

Centuries ago, you killed the Devil Ravana, and demolished his Golden Kingdom, ofcourse with the significant help of your staunch follower Hanuman and others. Do you have any idea, we still celebrate your victory in 21st century?Yeah we do so for full nine nights. we still enact the win of good over evil with great pomp and show (cracker show I mean) on 10th day and call it VijayDashmi!!!!

Can you imagine, we tell all your  life stories mainly the difficult journey from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka in just ten days!!! I know what you are thinking, but you know, we, your able descendents are little faster; you must be feeling proud!!!

You know, Acts are organised during night time (that makes me think why only night????), And we call it ‘Ramleela‘ (please don’t get confused Lord Rama! We have made a movie also with the same name but certainly it has nothing to do with Ram i.e. YOU. Take my word for that! You see we live in a free democratic country now, so no more kings and kingdoms. Even if they exist, it’s a different story altogether).

Okay, so I was telling you that roles are played by people, and the awesome part is, by MEN only! (The most handsome man is chosen for Seeta’s role). 

So are you happy? 

People are STILL carrying forward the custom of ‘Patriarchy‘ which we have read was prevalent during your time. As you can well imagine, the time of play is such that there is dominance of only one particular gender, audience surely is unisexual. FOR MALES, BY MALES! How nice.

Some adventurous males though after giving up in front of their home queens bring them once in while only to describe how boring it is (oops I am sorry Rama, it’s not your life I am calling boring; it’s the acting capabilities of the characters who can’t even memorise their lines, and need prompts from behind the curtains). But tell the the truth Rama, this is the funniest part of the play and keeps the viewers awake for the duration.

I didn’t go very often to this night play physically. Reason, the loudspeakers tell the tale wide and far…. Forgive me lord Rama, but I find the tv version more interesting, and above that more comfortable, plus it is safer too. Don’t you know Lord Rama, these days No Seeta is safe in your country, no matter how many Circles Laxman draws! 

You must be knowing it all, Lord, as you are considered incarnation of ‘Vishnu’ the preserver of life. A stampede occured in this land recently, and men (the devilish ones) didn’t spare a woman stuck in heaps of dead bodies, shouting to be heard, and pulled in a hope to live!! This happened lord, she was molested, a dying women!!!! Humanity is at its ugliest Rama. You struggled your entire life to protect one Sita, the number now has increased enormously, of Sitas as well as Ravanas. But you don’t seem to multiply, why????

When Ravana was kidnapping your Sita, countless being came forward to help. Where had that emotion vanished, I wonder!

Oh Sorry Rama, I got a bit sentimental here. Yes, I was on ‘Ramleela’- your life on stage! You know Rama a few years back, I saw a new trend, amid ‘Ramleela- the religious tale’, suddenly loud music would play, and that too FILMI!!

This made me curious. Turned out, dancers perform on stage to attract more viewers for the main event i.e. Your glorious Life.  You must have guesssed by now, the dancers were the ‘actual‘ females! 

Intelligent generation!!! They know when and where to (or not to) place women!!!!

Yesterday Rama, for my daughters sake, I too went to witness the big action scene where the man wearing your attire aims at the huge effigies of Ravana along with his allies. The crowd blew my mind…but it was more on the slopes than the main ground! Do you have any idea Rama why so????

Well, I got the answer as soon as I heard the exaggerated announcement of a combat between the WOMEN WRESTLERS! 

Oh…that’s why!!!!
I can go on and on lord but I just wish for this to change.

While you with one arrow brought down the evil in past, today’s Ravanas are hard even to bring forth; they are wearing  masks, and stay alert for the right opportunity to put their hands on Sitas. Who’ll identify them, and who will end their evilness?????



  • Sha'Tara

    The kind of evil you write of, let’s call it by its name: misogyny, is either a by-product of human civilization or else it’s endemic to the human race. As things stand, it has no cure. All efforts at solving this Earthian shame have proved to be superficial, non-lasting. The great evils of man: militarism, racism, misogyny, and materialism, will be the downfall of civilization. The one and only antidote to these evils is to live compassionate lives. That will remain consistently and constantly rejected as it would end everything that “men” consider to be their empowerment and right: the right to pillage, plunder, rape and kill. It has always been this way, whether to a higher or lesser degree depending on the times and conditions, and without a change of nature, it must continue to the end. Dark thoughts? I don’t see it that way. I see it as facing facts, however unpleasant. People are what they are, not what they hope to be, or think they are. Change the circumstances, turn the screws tighter, and all of them, with few exceptions, will turn to the greatest evils in the blink of an eye. So, let’s choose to be the exception.

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