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When a Small Hill Town Girl Met Delhi, The Capital Of India For The First Time #blogchattera2z

Hey people,

As you know, I am participating in Blogchatter A to Z challenge. My theme is ‘When We Met” where I am sharing travel tales from different places I have visited; The sweet-sour or unique experiences while my stay there. In the last post, I took you to the holy city of Haridwar– the door to God. Now stay with me, as I open the chest of experiences I had when I, a girl from a small hill town visited Delhi-The Capital of india for the first time.

Why a small town girl wanted to see the Indian Capital Delhi?

I am a small town girl and while living in my small town throughout my childhood, I used to see Delhi, the capital of our country, India, as a dream land where so much keep happening all the time.

I was so fascinated by The Parliament, The Red Fort, The Republic day celebration on Vijay path, The Rashtrapati Bawan, The India Gate, The Lotus temple, The Qutub Minar. I dreamt of visiting them all at least once.

Small town life always made me curious of how people of a big (rather Metro) city live like on daily basis? Though I did cross Delhi a few times; my visits mostly remained confined to the Bus stand, the Railway Station or the Airport! Never had I ever actually felt the real vibes of the Indian Capital.

One opportunity for a long stay in Delhi finally knocked our door in 2010. We signed up for a one month-long lab training and with that also came true the wish to explore the life in a Metro i.e. Delhi- the Capital of India! I was excited.

The Training institute was located in Noida and we were putting up at IIT campus with a friend. This gave us enough time to see Metro life closely. Coming from a small hill town, I wondered how different human become by staying at two places just a few hundred kilometers!

What a Small Town Girl saw in Indian Capital Delhi

No one is interested in No one

In my small town every little thing is noticed and every little gesture is acknowledged. When you step out of your home, neighbors take pain in knowing your well-being. They exchange pleasantries; they give compliments! Our day starts with a positive note that we are important… in some way.

My first Day in Delhi-I got ready with enthusiasm, spending quite some time in front of mirror. A few days past-I lost interest. Why? No one knew you and therefore didn’t care how you looked or felt for that matter! At training, I hardly met girls who bothered too much about their appearance. Many of them preferred to hide their faces behind scarves outdoors to avoid pollution as well as attention! I often wondered,’where are those modern smartly dressed girls I was hoping to see?’ Didn’t meet any! I was told they don’t walk on roads. You only see them in Malls. Ok…understood.(Mall and Road are two different territories in big cities).

People loved to live in their own world

Everyone seemed to be in extreme hurry! The moment people would step inside the metro, they would block every chance of conversation with anyone by fixing earphones in their pinnas! People showed less interest in talking to each other. It was as if I was sitting/standing among robots. As soon as their station was announced, they would pull the wire and rush again!

Help is just a word

Being newbie, I was not very familiar with bus stops in the beginning. One thing that happened repetitively was that whenever I asked the co-passengers in the bus, “Kaun si jagah hai? (Which place?) They would say, “pata nahi” (don’t know)! Everytime. They never bothered helping! For the first time, I saw women quarreling with men for sitting on seats reserved for them. I also saw aged men standing in-spite of vacant seats because they were meant for women! This was new for a small town girl where we believe in getting up the moment we see an elder standing in the bus no matter it’s a he or she!

Mall is meant for those who have pretty Money in their pockets

Mall (read Maul) trend was yet to make its place in the life of hill people. In our small town, we do have Mall (read Maal) roads. Mall road for us is not just a shopping or spending place but a place for unwinding, relaxing, catching up with friends, roaming with family, showcasing our fashion skills and admiring of others, that all under the open Sky. The walking in front of shops under a roof in City Malls suffocated these small town lungs. I totally understand, these Malls are blessings for city people.

As far as watching movies was concerned we always had the facility and luxury to watch plenty first day, first shows in theatres of my small town (even as students) without a miss and were fine with budget! But, I realized that if you wanted to go for movies with friends in a metro city, you need to earn handsomely or you’ll be broke soon!

Also, a small town girl saw the worth of human life in big cities. For the first time I saw people sleeping on footpath. On Expressway, it was such a common thing to hear, ‘someone was hit’!

It was nine years back. Now, things are changing, not only in Metro city but in my small town too. But if you ask me, travelling is fine…I enjoy seeing places…but I always want to come back…my heart always feels at home in hills. I was, still am and will always be-a small town girl who is happiest in hills.

and yes…I am glad that I could visit all the places I always fancied and listed above. It was the best thing done in Indian capital back then.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow we’ll shed some blues in the Blue City of Jodhpur. Stay with me.


Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


  • Pr@Gun

    My story is exactly opposite of yours I am from Delhi and right-now enjoying hills. But yes agree I love the peace and serenity here in hills. I still love eating and shopping in Delhi but yes after a age the peace i found in hills only. but in my case I miss the good schools and opportunities for my kids which I had in Delhi. But no regrets I lived and am living life with good heart.

    • Mann

      Life does seem slow to those who shift from big cities to hill towns. Your concern is valid. As parents we all want best for our kids. ☺

  • mommytincture

    I totally enjoyed reading this post. It not just about being from a small town or from a metro city. All that you have mentioned is also applicable to our generation who saw the transition of cities from markets to mall culture.

    • Mann

      That’s true…actually I was thinking…a decade back, people were engrossed in music, now Most of people are busy on their smart phones…irrespective of small or big city. It has come to this now!

  • samira0894

    Everything, the metro the mall, scarf covered girls, indifference etc appeared before my eyes as i was going through it. No doubt life in smaller towns is much more easy and pleasurable. And whatever you have written is very much true but dear amongst all these clouds there is a silver lining too. Btw, I am from Delhi only😊

    • Mann

      Ofcourse there is…there has to be! It was almost a decade ago. It is not that I hated Delhi…No…the city spoke a different language of it’s own! As I said things now have changed in small town too…and change is fine.
      I think my theme is to be blamed for this…It requires me to share what happened when ‘I met a perticular place’…Dil ki baatein bahar aa jati hai. 😊 Nothing against Dehlites; it’s the first experience shared here. Have a nice day Samira.💐

  • Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar

    Haha I immensely enjoyed reading this post as I have written on the same topic which is coming soon. I was nodding my head throughout the post as I felt more or less the same about the BIG cities.

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