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What To Do In Mandvi? #BlogchatterA2z

Thanks for appreciating the previous post where we visited the largest lake of Himachal Pradesh. Now we are moving to alphabet M in #BlogchatterA2z. Since, I am in the mid of a trip, let us keep this post short and sweet. I am attaching a video with voice-over for those who would prefer a visual tour rather than going through the text.

Our today’s Oriental Afterglow Travel tale is from Mandvi.

Mandvi: The Location

It is a small town located on Arabian coast of Kutch region of Gujarat.

Why we visited Mandvi?

It certainly was an extension of our trip to grand Rann Festival. Main purpose was to have some good family time at beach. Also, we, the hill People, are somewhat fascinated by those moving giant wheels, The lovely Wind Mills! And, what to say if the wind mills are at a beach!! Mandvi promised us that.

When We Met Mandvi

(What to do in Mandvi?)

Being very small and simple town, Mandvi offers activities for a maximum of one day. We stayed at a budget hotel which was clean beyond expectation. (What if I tell you the owner of the hotel came to explain the amenities himself and he removed his slippers before entering the room!). Just to add-the hotel serves exclusively vegetarian food and we had the most delicious Kutch thali there. No one can drink and have non-veg inside this premises.

These are the things you can do in Mandvi-

Visit the Ship Building Yard

Just after crossing Rukmavati river, the sight of countless ships in making caught our attention.

The autodriver told that it takes many years and, crores of rupees to make such ships! He also narrated his own story of going on a ship to middle east and getting caught on the way by very infamous pirates of Somalia. He indeed was an interesting man.

Vijay Vilas Palace

This small pretty Palace on the sea beach of Mandvi, needs no introduction as almost every one of us has seen it whether we went to Mandvi or not! It is one of the hot spots for the shooting of bollywood movies.

It was built as a summer resort in 1929 by Maharao Shri Khengariji, for his son Vijayraj Ji. Hence the name-Vijay Vilas Palace!

Good thing is- visitors can see the palace all around, up and down except ofourse for just the storey for private residence of the royal family. You can even go up to the top oriel and feel the soft sea breeze. The oriel offers an excellent sea view.

The palace is maintained fine but what I observed is that the surroundings are quite suffering from negligence. In all, it felt nice to taste royalty. The palace is about 8 km from the centre of the town. Hiring your ride for the entire time period is a good option. The arrows also pointed towards a private beach on the way out from palace. If you are wiling to pay for beach time; you are welcome there!

Mandvi Sea Beach

It is the main beach of Mandvi. The entry point to the beach was different from what I was told by google! The Beach is big one and we could see the Vijay Vilas Palace on our extreme right. Do you remember why we wanted to come so desperately to Mandvi in the first place? Yes…the windmills!

To our delight, we saw some…the wings were still though. On moving closer, we were told that these are non functional as of now and just tearing apart with time. That was disheartening! We managed to click some good shots.

The beach offers a few basic water sports such as boating, water scooter, horse and camel rides. There was lack of enthusiasm in people for adventure seeing which, best thing to do seemed to drink coconut water and watch the constant turmoil within the huge water body.

Breaking the monotony is what one should aim at; we did the same. After a lot of fun, the day was sealed by the most beautiful gift from Mandvi-The gorgeous Sunset; best in Gujarat. It will stay in our memory for ever.

Other than these major attractions Mandvi Also has a Light house, Amba ji Temple, and Topansar lake.

That’s all for today.


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