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Wanna Pose Under Blossoms In November???? Read on…

Blossom brings bliss, and luckily, we all experience it in Spring (though in different times of year). How beautiful, and heartwarming seems the new life emerging from sleep, so fresh… Completely rejuvenated!

In my native place, where the hills are covered by apple and apricot trees, the month of April is nothing short of heaven….Obviously you can’t imagine if you do not have a natural bent of mind, or it’s also possible you don’t happen to live in paradise. Come April I’ll make you envy 😝😝😝. Oh…I am sorry. Don’t bother. 😊

Distant memories almost flooded my mind today when I saw that even in the month of November, you can have the joy of seeing the mass blossoming along with music, dance, food, and a lot of exposure to the culture so diverse; It’s an International festival my friends!

Have you ever headed North East? If no, may be it’s the time… India is celebrating its first International Cherry Blossom Festival in Shillong Meghalaya in first fortnight of November. Isn’t that awesome? Visit the link for more information 😊 if you wish.


Few years back I did visit the place, but no such festival was part of my trip, however the experience was A…mazing.

Here is the post.


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