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Robbers’ Cave and An Unfinished Adventure #blogchattera2z

Exploring Caves

Out of some adventurous things that I have attempted in my life, Spelunking, I mean Exploring Caves, is one.

It’s not that am very daring types but yes, the mystery of natural caves does attract me. Probably, it is in my genes. Once, my whole family (along with other brave hearts) ventured in to a cave on top of a mountain near our village. Whole family! My mom was like, ‘if something (bad) is to happen, we all are going in together.’ How do I describe the adrenaline rush of that moment?

The cave went downwards. Torches were arranged; Ropes were tied outside; Mashals were lit. We did went some hundred feet down the cave when our lungs and the light supplies started giving in to the deficiency of oxygen. It is an episode very old; I was a quite young then. It was said that during the famous war of British-Gurkhas in early 19th century, the later hid their precious looted wealth inside the cave. The folklore has it that the cave is 30-40 km long and opens in another town. Surprisingly, the point at the ‘said’ place does have a cave opening. Our grandparents claimed to have gone very deep in the cave. For us the charm of the peculiar inside structures portrayed by them  intensified with each tale.

Coming back to our endeavor, all I could make sense of inside the cave in the dying light of the mashals and dim torches was that the roof of the cave was heavily trickling; the lime formations hung from it randomly; and the floor had innumerable round pebbles (like those in river). If someone would try to be more adventurous, the pebbles would go down making rolling sounds which would echo for long. The cave was more of a maze with more than one path! Lacking proper tools, younger lot was instructed to stay at a safer place while the male adults went ahead.

Finding many dead ends every one returned empty-handed! Treasures or signs of history are not that easy to discover, are they? That day and this day, every one has forgotten about the treasure or the cave but the fantasy still continues in the inquisitive mind of mine.

With all that said and done. Let me take you to a cave I explored in recent past. To my surprise, it again has some relationship with loot and dacoits as it is called The ‘Robbers’ cave’.

Robbers’ cave: The Location

Robbers’ cave is located in Dehradun, the capital city of Uttrakhand. It is also known with the name of Gucchupani. Situated at a distance of 8 km from the city center, Robbers’ cave has road connectivity.

Robbers’ Cave: The Visit

We visited Robbers’ cave in year 2017. I was there for an indibloggers’ meet and it was one of the must see places in Dehradun. The spelunker soul in me raised its head once again and there, we were at the mouth of the Robbers’ cave.

Dehradun, Uttrakhand, Robbers cave, Exploring caves, what to do in Dehradun

Robbers’ Cave: When We Met

The first thing that came to my mind while saying this name ‘Robbers’  cave’ was obviously, that it is an English name! Britishers gave this name after they realized that dacoits used this cave for hiding their loots. It is a perfect hide out by the way!

Second interesting point is that the cave gives out a river of water. I mean at the entry point of the cave, there is a lot of water coming out. If you have to go inside; you definitely have to step in it.

Dehradun, Uttrakhand, Robbers cave, Exploring caves, what to do in DehradunRobbers’ cave indeed is an amazing place. There are some small shops near the mouth of the cave; they provide you slippers on rent just in case you don’t want to spoil your footwear. Well, they only create fuss. Keep your shoes in your vehicle if you have one and go bare feet. It’s doable! Once inside the cave, the setting forces you to look around, up and down; it is mystifying and beautiful. This cave is unique in the sense that it doesn’t have any roof! Sufficient natural light enter the interior and no additional light aid is required. The water-bed is absolutely see-through. For a moment it did feel like we were on to some treasure hunt!

We clicked some pictures. I had plans of making a complete video on our way back. On moving a few hundred meters, there came blocked part. We climbed up to see if there was something ahead; Couldn’t see anyone going any further. So thought maybe this was it. We were possibly at the terminus. A small underground fall was making splashing sounds. I climbed on a rock to get better view. The rock was slimy and I, I was cautious.

Dehradun, Uttrakhand, Robbers cave, Exploring caves, what to do in Dehradun

Little negligence can cost you big. And bam…I slipped…and landed straight in water pool till waist. Mr Coolhead and Snow got in to a fit of laughter (don’t we all, when someone falls? It’s but natural). I laughed too. My left had moved behind in a reflex to hold something and in the process, it got smashed on the rock.  I tried to lift it up. But hey, I couldn’t! What I realized was that my fingers were completely stiff. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fold them! My whole arm turned in to a stone gradually and started paining excruciatingly. I was in tears. The laughter of my travel buddies vanished right away. They didn’t expect  that a fall of just a few inches could be that bad!

Truth was, I had injured my hand!

Mr CoolHead came forward to pull me out of water. I could not move my arm anymore! With sad face, we took leave of the cave. Oh…why did I not make the video beforehand? That way I would not have any regrets that I have till date. Why in the first place I wore those slip-ons? They did cost me big; No good memories on our way out of the cave, and a plastered arm for a period of 6 weeks!

Anyways…Robbers‘ cave…you were splendid.


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