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Road trip To Kasauli on The Independence Day Eve.

The Sun shone after a while in Solan, and the soul of us wanderers once again wiggled for something new.☺

Though rains have changed the picture around altogether, the itch to touch new soil never leaves. So, there we were, on an instant yet longer-than-normal drive to Kasauli, a historically significant town, and a Writers’paradise which has its roots in the British era. Now, this is an army cantonment which explains its maintenance very close to the original.

The journey to Kasauli is interesting in itself as you find yourself moving amid the pine forest much of which is easy on eyes.I said much cause now here, the tourism industry is catching speed, and countless hotels, big and small, are making themselves be noticed, intrupting your ecstacy. Anyways, place to stay is a must especially if someone is heading to woods. So how can we blame the entrepreneurs and businessmen; they are actually making things comfortable to public.

We started off with a clearer sky, and by the time we knocked Kasauli, the town was bathing jubuliantly in heavy showers. The enchating fog on-the-way gave clear indications of such possible welcome. No problem.We were ready to be drenched and to be blown away in the cold mountain wind. 😉😉

So we got our umbrells out and put our feet on the place already buzzing with countless adventure hungry creatures.

The town is in no hurry, and it’s a museum in itself. You can find villas dating back to 1800s. The entrances to which, are mysterious as well as tempting; you have this strong urge to tresspass, but the armymen positioned at regular interval make such endeavours only impossible!

You mostly see things from a distance, like you are moving through a Zoo, and there are points marked for the possible glance of THE animal (here, gorgeous houses and buildings)!

The ambiance is enthralling enough for commoners. So yeah, It was an awesome experience, but what made it more special was our arrival to The Retreat Ceremony, dot on time.

The pomp and show was less when compared to Wagha Border but it was just apt…the waving Indian Flag, the tunes of bagpipes, the beats of drums, and the Parade done by well dressed armymen, was enough to give us goose bumps. The music…it really has something in it; you are spellbound, totally.

Later, the tourists captured the men in uniform, and turned them into celebrities (which they are, in actuality). Shaking hands, and posing for pictures with them. Initially, they were bit shy but gradually got accustomed. We too tried our luck and voila, we got clicked…with the real… not reel heroes, and it felt good.

People waved bye to the day at Sunset Point, and we too left the place with amazement, and memories… that’ll stay…at least for sometime.

Happy Independence Day India.

Bravo…You achieved freedom from overambitious human minds!

But what about conquering the suffocating evils within?

that still remains to be achieved.


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