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Rishikesh: The Yoga Capital of World

If we go by words, ‘Rishikesh’ would mean the ‘Locks of Sage’ but I am not sure if it is relevant or not but what I know is that this city has definitely something to do with sages…🙂


Drive some 25 km upstream from Haridwar and you find yourself amid variety of people: Learners, Adventurers, Relaxers, Seekers and Wanderers. Yes, this is what ‘Rishikesh’ is known for. Located on both sides of emerald river Ganga, Rishikesh has succeeded in maintaining its spell on the natives as well as foreigners, equally; I too went there as a wanderer or probably was yet to discover my purpose.

Initially there were attempts from my side to book some hotels but as the destiny had it, due to New Year Celebrations, the ‘sold out’ board is all I got! Still we, ‘the family of wanderers’ endeavoured the venture, and this came as a surprise when we pulled the breaks exactly in front of the hotel which denied accommodation on phone for the sake of renovation in the first place but now they were more than willing to take us. Wow! I won’t say the stay was fabulous but adaptability is what defines us! Blame the still ongoing work or what, I would not really recommend that hotel. Hello! Putting an affordable cost for the rooms is not enough; you got to provide some basic facilities, forget everything else!

What To Do In Rishikesh

The best part of  the Hotel we stayed in was that it was located near ‘Laxman-Jhula’ and many spa centres. The local sight-seeing was feasible but a bit demanding for us due to kids along as there are hardly any points to cross the river except for two distantly located Ram and Laxman Jhulas (Suspension Bridges) and not to mention the bothersome two wheeler traffic on a narrow strip cum bridges. You can hardly stand and enjoy the gigantic water body underneath. You can still witness some symbols of past tragedy when the calmest river got furious.

In the afternoon, it was time to discover the jungle which is a part of Rajaji National Park. Many picturesque points were waiting to be admired. An uphill ride to ‘Neelkanth’ was exhilarating too.

On the way, ‘Neer Waterfall’ was a treat to watch and we happily indulged in some soaking. It is a three-step fall aptly hidden from the populace.

Begin the climb here
Inviting Crystal Clean water of the Fall

We spent the evening by roaming in the locality, and witnessing another moment of the ‘River worship’ at the thirteen-storied ‘Tryambakeshwar Temple’– an awesome structure.

Triyambkeshwar Temple

The very famous ‘Jumping heights’ asked for lots of guts as well as bucks, so it was kept on less priority than Camping for the next day.

With this, we called it night. 🙂

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