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Narkanda: Tiny Hamlet Blessed With Mountains,Woods, Lakes, And Temples #BlogchatterA2z

If you have ventured in to mountains in North India, you must be well aware of this beautiful hamlet in Himachal called Narkanda. Woods, Lakes, Mountains, Temples, Narkanda has it all.

Narkanda: The Location

Narkanda is located in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh on Hindustan Tibet Road, just 65 km from Shimla, the capital of the state. Situated at an elevation of 2708 meters (9000 ft) above sea level, Narkanda is a kind of Pass which connects Shimla with Rampur.

What to do in Narkanda

Being a hill town, Narkanda offers the best combination of Nature and Adventure. The environment here is superb. The dense spread of Cedrus mix forest, overlooking the valley of apples (Kotgarh belt) gives pretty vitamin SEE in plenty. Major activities that visitors can try in Narkanda are:

  • Skiing in winters
  • Trekking in all seasons
  • Nature Camping

Major Attractions at Narkanda

Tanu Jubbal Lake

Surrounded all around by lush green forest, this lake is ideal if you want to spend some quiet time with Nature or even if you are thinking to go for a boisterous picnic with family or friends. My memories of this place go back to University times. It was a hostel picnic and we gals had a blast in this place. With all the bon fire, music and dance (rain dance to be specific), we had a gala.

Hatu peak

Himachal has twelve districts, of which Shimla is one. At an elevation of 12000 feet, Hatu is the second highest peak of Shimla district (highest is Chansal).

Hatu Peak is 7 km from Narkanda. One can trek up to the peak through dense forest or can also reach it via road. Yes… the peak is motor-able but not easy for faint hearted! Go ahead only if you can handle mountain curves on a narrow steep road.

There is a temple on the top of the mountain with the same name-Hatu Mata temple.

To the mythology buffs, this temple is dedicated to Mandodari, wife of LankaPati Ravana!

When We Met Narkanda

Being a pass, Narkanda has been crossed by us countless times. We also made it to the Tanu Jubbal Lake and Hatu Peak, many times. Since we are the Mountain Children, tough roads do not scare us that easily. No need to say we often ended up driving uphill till the peak, except of-course once, when snow covered the road pretty down the hill.

Lake and the temple are unquestionably amazing but a secret yet remains to be revealed.

We hiked in the forest beyond the temple and landed literally in a paradise. We were welcomed by lush green meadow bordered by conical trees. Cattle were grazing carefree, with no human interference! It was a sight not very common…surprising yet exciting!

Later we came to know the cattle belonged to nomads who keep migrating from place to place with their cattle to avoid extreme weather conditions. They call this place “Jau Bag”.

I was so enthralled by the place, that I remember sharing all the pics on Facebook with a title ‘Just Came Back From Paradise‘ which it certainly was!

Hoping that you liked the post. Tomorrow, I am taking you to the highest Mountain Pass of Shimla district. Expect tons of Snow and joy.


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