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Largest Lake In Himachal Pradesh: Renuka Lake #BlogchatterA2z

After an elaborate tour to the Karmbhoomi Kurukshetra, in Oriental afterglow Travel tales, it’s time to admire the beauty of Nature and tell you about an offbeat travel destination.

Renuka Lake: The Location

This Beautiful Lake is located in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh at a distance of nearly 300 km from National Capital Delhi.

Why One should visit Renuka lake?

First, it is the largest (area wise) natural lake of Himachal.

Second, it is a peaceful weekend getaway option during the hot summers.

Third, the lake has interesting history linked to it.

Fourth, because you love Nature!

What to do in Renuka?

Renuka is not just any lake, it has a religious angle. Plus the surroundings of the lake offer excellent view. Here is the list of activities possible around this pious place.


The water of Renuka lake is extremely see-through. You can clearly see till bottom. The lake has a variety of fishes and one can spot them from far. The best thing to do in Renuka is to float beside these fishes on emerald surface (I mean in a boat)!

The lake is considered sacred so you have to remove your shoes before getting on a boat.


Renuka Lake is surrounded by lush green hills on three sides. Needless to say that there is excellent opportunity to explore the wilderness, trek uphill till Jamu peak.

It is about 8 km trek and offers magnificent view of the lake in the form of reclining lady.

Mini Zoo

Himachal Pradesh state government has constructed a mini zoo at one end of the lake. A variety of animals can be spotted here including the Asiatic Lion.


Himachal is the land of Gods and Godesses. Not surprising, every place has some connection with them. On the left bank of Renuka lake is the temple of Renuka ji. It is said that this temple was built overnight in 18th century.

According to the folklore, Renuka lake is the embodiment of Renuka ji- mother of Parshuram and wife of sage Jamdagini. Infact, there is one more lake known by the name of Parshuram taal alongside Renuka lake. In the month of November, a fair is held at the bank of lake and it is said that Parshuram visits his mother every year during this period.

When We Met Renuka

I have visited Renuka thrice but in different seasons. Of all, I would say the travel during the month of May had been fabulous because this is when I witnessed the lake in its most attractive self.

Ours was a three day trip. We stayed at Nahan for the first day and did some local sightseeing there. Second full day, we were at Renuka. We did enjoy the boat ride, fish feeding and pleasant walk around the circumference.

There is a hotel run by HPTDC. Due to sudden plan, we had not booked anything in advance. The hotel was sold out for our turn. The options of stay in Renuka are scanty. We did find a decent hotel at Dadahu which is nearby. It is situated on the bank of river Giri (We visited its origin in a post). Evening was spent playing in the immaculate water of the river.

The place offers something for people of every age. It’s a nice, peaceful escape for those who need one. I’ll finish my post with these words.


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