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travel, himachal, rainy, Season

How To Travel Safely To Himachal In Rainy Season

Weekend culture is fast picking up in India. People are on a lookout for suitable getaways and no wonder internet is flooding with ideas and suggestions. There are countless options from luxury hotels to amusement parks but when it comes to be with Nature, People of north India find hilly states of Uttrakhand and Himachal, the most convenient of all, in any season. The long queues of traffic jams on national highways clearly tell the tale. Can’t question their choice! These places, being gorgeous throughout the year, are adorned with extreme beauty in rainy season. Even the lifeless hills wear green attire, springs swell and countless waterfalls come back to life. How one can hold back from not witnessing the splendor of Nature? They should not, only some planning and awareness is needed. Here are few suggestion from a Native of Himachal itself.

travel, himachal, rainy, Season

Trust Weather Forecast

Out Meteorological Department is doing wonderful job for quite some time now. The weather predictions are coming exact. So before heading to the hill station, do check the weather of the place for next few days. This way unnecessary cancellation of plans can be avoided.

Follow The Rules

The inflow of tourists to Himachal is on the rise, especially on weekends. The traffic jams make everyone’s life difficult. And it is the rainy season! Many uninvited issues are met en route. It is always better to show patience, and follow the line.

Be Attentive While Driving

Even if it’s not raining, landslides come as aftereffects of it. So be vigilant as some areas are always prone to landslides. For example, the area where broadening work is in progress on NH-22 between Chandigarh and Shimla may give you shocks. Drive safely and avoid night travel. Also on Chandigarh-Manali Highway the patch along the bank of Beas next to the Tunnel slides anytime. Those who wish to travel to Kinnaur should thoroughly check the current status as sliding mountains are more prevalent there during rains. Take care while parking your vehicles. Trust the warning signs.

Stay Away From Water

Water attracts all but you never know what is happening at the other side of the mountains! So keeping a distance from the water bodies like rivers and even small khads is propagated. The cloud burst is a phenomenon responsible for taking thousands of lives without any prior warning. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Nature is wonderful, agreed. But, sometime it is best to admire it from distance especially, when it is furious. No doubt the monsoons bring jubilation in hills, but it can turn murkier too. And we have to accept it whether we want it or not!

A clip of a place we went few days back.

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