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Fragrance Of Gujarat (Khushboo Gujarat Ki)

Fragrance Of Gujarat

When ‘The Star of The Millennium-Mr Amitabh Bachchan’, himself undertook the assignment of spreading the fragrance of Gujarat and urged the Nation to spend some days in Gujarat by saying ‘Kuch din to gujaro Gujarat main”, it was decided that Gujarat is the next harbor for us wanderers. Biggest boon that come with our job is the one-month- vacations in winters which also happen to coincide with the famous Three-Month-Long ‘Rann Festival’ in the Kutch region of this western Indian state.

The journey was planned keeping in view the company of senior citizens and obviously, the budget. We stressed more on sufficient relaxing time, but value for money was also an important criteria. So, the itinerary was designed, accordingly. It was a more than 9-days-trip which took us to diverse places and terrains in Gujarat. Most importantly, it gave us the chance to interact with the locals and relish some mouth-watering delicacies.


Our First halt was Bhuj from where we planned to go to Great Rann of Kutch and Come back.

Second place was kept for immersing in some beach fun in Mandvi.

Next we went down to Somnath and had the opportunity of divine Darshana of the First Jyotirlingum, along with leisurely stroll around the town and seaside.

Then it was time to head towards Dwarka and pay obeisance in the holy feet of Shree Dwarkadheesh.

Lastly, we spent some time in Ahmedabad .

But these are the destinations alright! What happened in-between, is more relevant and worth knowing.

How was the Experience?

There are some facts that really give Gujarat an edge. As it was a mixed kind of trip with travelers of every age group; we all had our type of fun to satiation. If I talk from the religious point of view, I was forced to compare the experience with Puri, and it is surprisingly pleasant. Despite harsh realities, People seemed extremely content, friendly and honest. The religious places here are not chaotic and there is lack of those irritating demands that Pandits often make at such places. The beaches are mind blowing especially the Dwarka beach which was clean beyond expectation. Am i spilling the beans here? No…You’ll have to wait for my next post.

PS. As you see, this was just an introductory post like a warm-up kind of post since I haven’t posted in a long long time. I’ll soon be sharing with you detailed account of each and every part of our journey. So, stay tuned.


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