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Five mountain treks in Himachal I want to do before turning 40

Living in Mountains versus Trekking

It’s one thing to live in proper towns in mountains and totally different thing to actually trek to the mountain tops. To understand this better, one has to challenge oneself to try doing it once. Travelling is my way of knowing life closely. Trekking is a new addition; it’s difficult though. But now that I have tasted the flavour and tested myself enough, certain goal setting has been done. In this post I am going to share five treks in Himalayas that I am determined to go on before I turn Forty- Shrikhand, Kinner Kailash, Chandernahan, ManiMahesh, Churdhar!

Shrikhand Mahadev 

This peak lies in Kullu region. Shrikhand is a pilgrimage place for Hindus and is associated with the legend of Shiva. It is said that at this place Ravana, the staunch devout of Shiva, decapitated his heads to attain a boon of immortality. Shri Khand could be the deviation of ‘Sir Khandan’. There is a 75 feet long natural Shivlingam at top. The Peak is at an elevation of 5227m or 18570 feet above the sea level.

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The trek is 35 km long and starts from Jaon village in Nirmand. Because of the critical weather conditions the trek officially opens only for a limited time period of 15-20 days i.e. 15 july to 31 july. Shrikhand Trek is said to be one of the toughest treks in Himachal.

Kinner Kailash 

Situated in Kinnaur district of the state, the peak is said to be the winter abode of lord Shiva. There is a 79 feet natural Shivalingam on mountain top.

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Annual Yatras are organized for the natives to seek blessings of lord Shiva in the monsoon season (July end to August end). Kinner Kailash peak is situated at an elevation of 6050 m. The trek to mount Kinner Kailash is pure ascent of 35 km which makes it quite a grueling affair. It is ideally a two-day trek from Reckong Peo, the head quarter of Kinnaur district which can be reached by road easily.

Chandernahan lake trek

The origin point of emerald river Pabbar, Chandernahan Lake is located in the inner mountains of Shimla district at an elevation of 4200 m (13860 feet). The trek is advised during the period between mid April to mid October.

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The 20 km long trek to Chandernahan lake starts from village Tangnu near Rohru town and is ideally completed in 10 hrs. The lake is associated with Goddess Kali.

Mani Mahesh Lake

Manimahesh Lake, this lake is situated in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh and holds a high place for the natives due to it’s connection with Shiva and his consort Parvati. There is a peak called Mount Kailash which is said to be the home of lord Shiva again and is possibly invincible i.e. no one has scaled it till now and those who have tried as per legend, lost their lives in one or the other way. Annual Yatras are officially organized to the holy lake and many adventure enthusiasts also join the religious folks to ManiMahesh lake.

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Trek to ManiMahesh Lake starts from Hadsar village (13 km from Bharmour) till there one can use road facility. The lake is situated at a height of 4080 m (13000 ft) whereas the peak is 18564 above the sea level. Every year the holy Yatra starts on the day of Rakshbandhan. The trek is 13 km long and requires two days to be done.

Churdhar Peak

Churdhar peak is the highest peak in the outer Himalayas at an elevation of 3655m. It is the abode of Shirgul Mahadev, locally also known as Chudeshwar Mahadev.

There is a 500-year-old temple dedicated to the deity in the lap of the mountain range. The peak can be approached from more than one side. I feel proud to say that this peak has been conquered recently. A detailed post will soon be up.

Basically, out of the five, I have started with moderate trek of Churdhar trek first and that too with a kid. Believe me, it wasn’t painless and I still become uneasy when the thought of unending ascent crosses my mind. But the realizations post the trek has changed something within and out.

Here is to new heights.



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