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Do’s And Don’ts While Visiting Shimla for New Year

So, we are here, in the last month of the year. Soon we’ll be bidding farewell to this year, welcoming the next.

Many of us are already busy making resolutions for the coming year whereas some (like me) are still struggling with the ones of previous year. No matter how real you keep them, somehow you find excuses not to keep them or may be it’s just me. Whatever!

Oh, but this post is not about new year resolutions; We are talking about the New Year Celebrations!

You know a lot of people visit the Winter queen Shimla during Christmas and New Year. Most of them come from other North Indian States. However fellas from all corners of the country and beyond can be spotted easily. It’s a hit among tourists it seems.

So, for those of you who has Shimla as one of the hot spots, I have some concerns. Please, go ahead with your plans. Do go there, make fresh memories.

But please try to keep a few things in mind:

  • Shimla is not just a tourist place, it’s home to lakhs of people as well. So when you go, please remember to pack a few empty bags along in your cars. Why? For all the chips wrappers, mineral water bottles and other trash which otherwise you are going to throw out of your windows! Yeah, try to keep your treasure to yourself. Trust me, no one needs to see them lying and flying on roads or on their wind screens. It is not good guys, neither for the environment nor for enjoyment. Let the people of hill stations live the life they are blessed with by Nature itself or they will have to go more uphill in future to have the feel. I hope you are getting my point.

  • One piece of advice especially for honeymooners. God bless your love life but does it need to be expressed by carving the hearts or names on tree trunks? No, I guess. If you like, Take long walks in the solitude, capture as much as beauty as you want in your Hi-tech gazettes. Camp, trek, or do whatever pleases you. But don’t harm Nature. Please.

  • A visit to Shimla is incomplete without the famous ramp on The Mall Road. Isn’t it? This is one thing Shimlaites always miss when they move out of the town; it is kinda part of their routine. No wonder, if you find the crowd on the mall road a mix of Local and global. And yes, the denizens are way too modern for your expectation but that doesn’t mean they have lost it. Tourists mostly ignore important things, and sometimes forget the difference between ‘display of affection’ and ‘obscenity’. The point is- this place is equally celebrated by folks of all ages. The chilly weather definitely asks for some coziness, but do mind the place. Everyone is there to have fun after all!

  • Tourists beeline the place, clogging the narrow arteries making it difficult for the town to breath. It’s a kind of blessing in disguise. The town still welcomes you. Just remember that this town is already overdoing it’s capacity. There are no flyways you see. All you have is a single two-way road. Learn to give way.

  • You have to follow the rules of hill driving. You just can’t rush ahead in the wrong lane, it doesn’t work like this here! You are adding to the chaos. Have some patience, and save some of it for such tough times. Long jams are nothing new for a hill station so in demand!
  • It’s winter, and it really gets cold in Shimla during New Year. Sometimes it snows as well. Though it’s your personal choice but do remember to bring warm clothes. Kids and elderlies could stay back if it snows. “Jaan he to Jahan he.”

However, there are zillion things one can do in Shimla. But if you are there just for New Year Celebration, here is the list of things you can do:

  • Roam on the Ridge or ride a horse. Don’t forget to Savour the Softy. it’s a mandate.
  • Feel the post Christmas vibes in air
  • Have lunch in the Goofa restaurant or its open terrace and relish the beauty of winter queen.
  • Skating in ice rink down towards Lakkar bazaar bus stand
  • Take a rope-way to Jakhoo where a 108 feet statue of Hanuman adores the highest peak of Shimla.
  • For reading buffs, there is a book cafe slightly above the Christ Church. Sip your coffee, and pick your favourite piece for reading.
  • Buy wooden souvenirs from Lakkar Bazaar and get some calligraphy done.

I think this is enough for one day. What say?

Wish you a great stay in Winter Queen. Keep the hill town clean, so that more people stand chance to visit it future.


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