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A Garden Where The Rocks Rock ๐Ÿ—ป

Imagination has no bounds, very rightly said. But how many of us actually succeed in converting it to reality?

Well Nek Chand did.

A common man with an uncommon vision, Nek Chand worked in PWD. Normally such a person would go on site, work, and come back home, but this man searched for things as meagre as broken plates, tiles, bangles, switches etc instead of coming home. By using this waste, He created a world of his dreams for real…and surprisingly kept it secret for more than a decade.

Once the place was revealed, a brief storm did visit the creator and shook things a bit. Eventually, the Sun shone on Nek Chand, and bestowed on him a good post in the department, and a permission to carry on his dream project… The Rock Garden.


Amid the hustle and bustle of the city Chandigarh, this sculpture is standing Rock strong. It is capable of giving surprises at every turn in the narrow and wide, high and low passages. It wooes thousands of visitors of all ages on daily basis.

However the man behind the project is no more; his dream is still in progress. There’s also a museum dedicated to Nek Chand where you can have an idea about his struggle and achievements, as well as the vastness of the Garden.

After a lot of walking, The culmination point treats the visitors with numerous swing rides. An aquarium displays few fish varieties. There’s an eating point, an amphitheatre, and a dolls’ museum. The ticket costs 30 Rs for adults, Rs 10 for kids.

And, the place is very picturesque with no prohibition on photography.

Awesome. Isn’t it?

Now tell me, Did you ever think that things as waste as your broken crockery could make something this beautiful???


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