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  • Poems

    My World Was Longing for A Rejuvenation :)

    I woke up this morning, To the arrival of my fair lady; A guest so cherished, A reason for much celebration. So white, so light like feather, Having the purity of an angel; Inspiring me to charge up, And see the hidden motivation. To do my duty silently, Without any flashes or roars; No desire to show it off, Without disturbing any imagination. To work towards a magical world overnight, Which clearly needed a renovation.

  • Humour,  Personal

    For A ‘Change’ Only

    Its Monday folks! The worst day of the week you bet, where I am always running late in the morning for everything. The Fun day (Sunday) makes me so sluggish that it has become a habit to forget one or a few things at home and repent later. But this Monday, I am in no hurry as you can see; I am writing! 🙂 Thanks to Pt Nehru, our first Prime minister; it’s his birthday today and our country celebrates it as ‘Children’s Day’ which is really cool. Why? Come on, we all have our days, don’t we? So first of all, here’s me wishing every kid over there, a…