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    Don't Marry For Goddess Sake!!!!

    Do you think Marriage is ‘just’ the consensual union of two persons? Well…Not at least in my country! More than this, here, it’s a socially and ritually recognised coming together of two partners which in addition to love also establishes rights and obligations between them, and between them and their In-laws, and not to forget, the relatives! It’s complicated as majority of us actually like these customs, and go miles to maintain a ‘preset’ social image. The couple remain too busy tending ‘important’ relations that it gives them quite some time off each other. Possibly these potent distractions have contributed to ‘one-life, one-life partner’ concept, prevalent here (you spend less time…

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    “Not Me But You”

    “Serving others without expecting anything back!”     or  “Putting others before you!” Altruism, Hmmm! Sounds good but pretty unreal, at least in today’s world. But don’t we keep hearing about people, going an extra mile, doing unbelievable things, and guess what, expecting NOTHING in return! I mean really! Twenty-four-year old, Mr Roman Saini, gathered public applause for opening a free on-line tuition academy known as ‘Un-Academy’. The important thing is, he did so after resigning from a job of the most prestigious rank (IAS) in our country. Plus, he too is a certified medico. Kudos to him; he must be a courageous unselfish man but one thing that kept bothering me while…

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    Frozen Memories (II)

    [Sometimes emotions drag a post too long that’s why I have to divide it in two parts. I wish to share my frozen memories with you guys and I want that you go till the end. Not just click the like button and move on. So, those who missed initial part, click Frozen memories (I) and then continue… …Snow time would bring a different kind of holidaying. The electricity would stay disrupted for days and the phone lines wouldn’t work. The temperature outside used to be very low and if anything containing water, is left outside overnight, the surface water would freeze. There used to be race to own the natural glasses…