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  • Poems

    My World Was Longing for A Rejuvenation :)

    I woke up this morning, To the arrival of my fair lady; A guest so cherished, A reason for much celebration. So white, so light like feather, Having the purity of an angel; Inspiring me to charge up, And see the hidden motivation. To do my duty silently, Without any flashes or roars; No desire to show it off, Without disturbing any imagination. To work towards a magical world overnight, Which clearly needed a renovation.

  • Personal


    It’s been more than a week since I logged in to WordPress. Well…I deliberately cut the cords for a while, not that I don’t want to connect but I needed to recharge my mind and soul. Therefore, I took a terse break from the work, from the internet and blogging, and went to a world where ‘Nature’ only reigns. What I missed─ Celebrating my blogging anniversary with you guys! Yes, I completed one year, here in blogosphere! Isn’t it amazing? Just like everyone else, in the beginning, I was quite dubious about my consistency but now, here I am…going strong step by step; leap by leap. 🙂 The regular heartwarming…

  • Uncategorized

    Raining Blues

    “Rain” has different meanings for different people. For some, it’s a sign of relief from the scorching heat of summer; for some, it’s an opportunity to get wet deliberately and do some cha-cha-cha; for children especially, it’s is a time to do splatter; for elderly it’s a time to sit back and relish their favourite home made cuisines. Likewise, for a seed, it’s a hope of rejuvenation and for a bird it’s a blessing to quench its long time thirst. In fact, it won’t be wrong if I pronounce ‘Rain’ as the lifeline of this Earth. Just like everyone else, rain used to have significance to me too. I come from…