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    Lost and… Lost!!!

    Though a new day has dawned, I still feel like my eyes are denying the fact. Actually it’s happening for last few days; as if I haven’t slept in ages… There are thoughts bothering the peace of my mind…There are questions to which no one has the answers! Life and it’s probabilities… The people you work with, spend your time with, become a sort of second family. You become used to them, and their presence; You get used to see them in a particular way, and suddenly everything changes… One of my such beloved friend, lost her companion all of a sudden. We are left aghast; she is such a…

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    Everyone knows that the world is constantly moving but sometimes you start thinking that it’s moving because of you 😉 !! Every thing is about you; every relation revolves around you…and you feel so central, so powerful! No wonder, one day you come face to face with the reality. The world is moving and so are all the people in it. But the truth is you are not the axis here, they are actually revolving ‘not around’ but ‘with’ you! Just like everything else!