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  • Empowerment

    Flashback Time

    I revisited a pledge made in the beginning of the year 2016.  Turned out-I am literally off-the-track. 🙁 I initially thought of a check, every fourth month and look at dumb me, its June already! So basically, I am running late by more than a month for my own review which would have been justifiable, had I been successful in my venture! Which clearly, I am not! 🙁 Leaving aside a few things, I am lagging behind everywhere. I am gathering will power for some Action! 🙂 Thank GOD for the reminder. It’s time for some improvements. I know, I can do better that what I am doing right now. 🙂

  • Empowerment

    We All Work Hard But Do We All Succeed?

    It is said, “Hard work is the key to success.” I doubt. If it were true, I don’t think the number of frustrated people would have been this huge! People keep working (hard) under undesired and compromising situations, wishing for their life to change in a good way but does it change? Hmmm…not always! However, life sustains…somehow and in the mean time such a discord drains a lot of brains and the energy graph keeps coming down unabated. Every day you wake up thinking about changing the circumstances around you and start the journey from nil uphill, accomplishing many insignificant goals on the way. How far do you target to…

  • Empowerment

    Mind Your Temper

    Temper is a pompous ‘driver’; it can take you to bizarre rides on unseen routes and admit it, we all have our moments. Temper alone is capable of making or breaking anything. However, if you know how to control your temper, you can definitely come out of whatever turmoil you are facing, that too unaffected. But that doesn’t hold true for everyone. There are some haughty people who believe they own entire world and there are some generous people who silently bear the temper moments of others, without a groan. Sometimes too much forbearance is taken as your weakness and not strength; and people start manipulating you. There comes a…