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    A to Z Challenge 2019 Theme Reveal #Blogchattera2z

    Those who know me, also know that I have been blogging for some time now. Neither a naive, nor an expert, I am just going with the flow and enjoying it ! I am a fresher if we talk about A to Z Challenge. It may sound ignorant but is true; I haven’t been in a committed relationship with Blogchatter. You can say I am little casual in my approach. But as you see, there is a change in attitude and I have already hopped on the blogging train here, which means I have decided to explore and learn more with Blogchatter. Let’s unlearn what we already know about alphabets…

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    It’s been more than a week since I logged in to WordPress. Well…I deliberately cut the cords for a while, not that I don’t want to connect but I needed to recharge my mind and soul. Therefore, I took a terse break from the work, from the internet and blogging, and went to a world where ‘Nature’ only reigns. What I missed─ Celebrating my blogging anniversary with you guys! Yes, I completed one year, here in blogosphere! Isn’t it amazing? Just like everyone else, in the beginning, I was quite dubious about my consistency but now, here I am…going strong step by step; leap by leap. 🙂 The regular heartwarming…

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    Press the Refresh Button and Wish for a Glowing New Year

    As we are all set to enter into a brand ‘New Year’, like many of you, I also made a list of  goals for the coming year. Frankly, I am an ordinary person and I can’t treat myself harsh 😉 Hence, my resolutions for the coming New Year are not extraordinary (but a little above ordinary) and I am sure attainable ;). Here it goes, my to do list: Health: Every year health tops my list. There’s no doubt that I am quite health conscious and I really work for it. I eat sufficient fruits, salads, drink gallons of water and have enough sleep but there are times I tend…