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Tete-e-Tete with Vartika, The Author Of E-Book-Travel My Way

The rains have poured down aplenty in hills. The clouds cleared the sky today for a while…the fog jamming my thoughts also thinned down a bit…and I realized that Oriental Afterglow has lazed around enough. It is now time to show some sign of rejuvenation after such a long breather. So yeah, I am back with a post today.

This is not just a post but a write-up about a very energetic, creative, tender-hearted, people’s person, a very dear friend Vartika who presently lives in Poland and blogs at Vartika’s diary. Vartika also contributes at many reputed writing platforms and has won many writing contests as well. She is a twin mom and a travel enthusiast. Recently Vartika published her first e-Book “Travel My Way” with Blogchatter which got great response from the readers. Did she always dream of blogging or becoming an Author or there was something else in her mind? Let’s us hear it all from Vartika herself.



1. Hi Vartika. First of all, Thanks for agreeing to open up and allow us to know you more. Congratulations on debuting as an Author. Did you always had the dream to be an Author or was there something else you wanted to become when you were a child?

Vartika: I always dreamt of adding “Doctor” to my name but soon realized MBBS wasn’t my cup of tea. Ph.D. was on my cards then but somehow things didn’t work. I still have the dream to be called Dr. Vartika. Maybe someday!

2. What inspired you to start writing?

Vartika: I would write poems randomly in college days but it was confined to my personal diary only. Later, while fighting depression after my father’s demise, writing worked as the best catharsis. And now, I get inspired by my surroundings and daughters.

3. How did blogging happen?

Vartika: By chance!
4. What was the motivation behind writing an eBook?

Vartika: Honestly, I never thought of writing a book in the near future but a few writer friends appreciated my work and motivated me to take the plunge. And you are one of them! 🙂
5. Share your feelings after becoming a published Author?

Vartika: AMAZING!!!
6. Tell us something about your ebook?

Vartika: It is a travelogue where I have shared personal stories and memories of my travel experiences of India and Europe since childhood till now. You would not find any itineraries but it will surely inspire you to go out and explore the beauty around you. In the concluding chapters, you would also read a few hacks to plan your travel better. This book has been weaved with a lot of love and emotions and it is evident in all the anecdotes shared in the book.
7. Since you are a travel enthusiast, tell us which place you explored recently?

Vartika: Greece. It was on my bucket list for quite a while and finally, it was ticked off. We explored two islands – Santorini and Naxos which were breathtakingly beautiful and we surely intend to revisit in the coming years and explore the other mesmerizing Greek islands too.
8. Best thing or experience of that place?

Vartika: Everything was just beautiful but witnessing those white and blue dombs and the enthralling view from the top etched in my heart.
9. One thing you think needs improvement in that place?

Vartika: It could have been made wheelchair/stroller friendly.
10. Coming back to writing, How well have your eBook ‘Travel my Way’ has done according to you?

Vartika: I would say I have received a fantastic response to my book so far. With 270 downloads and 10 reviews, I am quite contented.
11. Would you like to share your future plans related to book publishing?

Vartika: No plans as of now. Blogchatter might do the magic again next year! You never know 🙂
12. What is your schedule while writing?

Vartika: Absolutely no schedule. I write whenever I get time, whether I am in tram enroute office or in the park or just alone at home.
13. Are there times when you don’t want to write at all?

Vartika: Yes, it happens and I take it easy.
14. What is your advice for the writing aspirants to stay motivated?

Vartika: Don’t feel pressurized about writing, take it easy but always remember why you started this journey and you will have the reason to get back on the track.
15. Ebook or print, which is your pick as a reader?

Vartika: I am an old school when it comes to reading and have a huge collection of paperbacks in India. A few of them I brought here too this time but I am switching to ebooks gradually as it saves space.
16. Share something your Readers don’t know about you?

Vartika: I am a big foodie, love to try different cuisines, though it does not look on me (happy dance).
17. Last question…If not writing or blogging, what Vartika would like doing best?

Vartika: Painting, I really wish to pursue my passion for painting along with.

And we have seen your brush doing magic. Thanks for answering all the questions in an interesting and honest manner.

Wish you luck for all the future ventures Vartika.

So that was Vartika- the adventurous soul behind Travel My way. I am sure readers got to know many new things about her. This post was long due. I am glad it saw the light of day today. Thanks for reading.



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