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The Royal Couture or The Royal Fraudster!!!!😮

Being one lazy buff, I often end up shopping online, even from the sites advertised on facebook, sometimes even without creating an account. And you know what it works, most of the times.

But this time, you can’t assume what my reaction was when I opened my much awaited parcel!!!!

Well, this is what I ordered…

And guess what I received!

THIS 😯😯😯😫😫😫

Surprisingly, I am not angry for some reason (which even I don’t know) but  what the hell????

Then I searched the parcel…No name of the company. Normally it doesn’t happen! No message for intimating delivery!

Now, I AM LIKE… WOW! SO weird to believe. 😮😮😮

Then I googled stuff and this is what I got…

All complaints are RECENT!!!!

What’s been cooking here????

Beware Online shoppers!

A Royal fraudster is trending.🤔🤔🤔

PS. I thought of giving a chance to the Seller. So I kept this post on hold since yesterday, and mailed them, to which no one responded. Then I called. A computer generated voice asked for recording my message. I was just started, and it said press #. Your message is recorded now. And bang! 

More to come; on their site they write we have a return policy of 7 days after your purchase.

Really! But you consume most of that in delivery, nothing is left in that case.

Voila! I have been duped.👊👊


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