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Nutrition, Diet Myths and Life by Dr Amrita Basu: Book Review #blogchatterebook

Recently, I launched my first ebook ‘Learning through Journeying’ with blogchatter. You can download it here for free. Alongside, I also got myself enrolled for a book review program. To begin with, I reviewed a travelogue by a backpacker mom and a prolific writer Vartika.  After travel, health is the topic which interests me a lot. Therefore now, I am taking Nutrition, Diet Myths and Life by Dr Amrita Basu for my second review.

About the Author

Dr. Amrita Basu (MBBS, MS) is an ENT surgeon and previously a teacher in a Medical College. She has been blogging for four and a half years at healthwealthbridge.com and started writing books two and a half years back. Dr.Amrita has a passion for sharing healthy lifestyle stories backed by loads of scientific research. She has authored five books, and they are available on Amazon.

Nutrition, Diet Myths and Life: The Book

“You are what you Eat”, they say.  By paying attention to what we put inside our body, a lot of health issues can be prevented or at least delayed. Don’t we all know it? Still we tend to ignore it! Why? May be because every one of us likes to believe that it’s not happening to me; that the health issues, the diseases, the miseries would spare us somehow, until one day when, we are face to face with reality.

The book Nutrition, Diet Myths and Life by Dr Amrita Basu stresses on the importance of eating right and according to the season. Dr Amrita has beautifully talked about the balanced nutrition. Why you should prefer fresh food? Why reading labels on the packed food items is so important? Why supplements are essential? Are you eating organic in real sense even after paying more than normal?

We know that our food is made up of macro and micronutrients. Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats form the major chunk of our diet. But the book says that micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are equally important. Beside energy, our body also needs raw material for constructing itself and performing the vital functions. To prepare a meal with all the nutrients is a lot of mental work, more so for vegetarians! I am taking one example from the book. The vegetarians depend mainly on pulses for their protein requirement right! But Dr Amrita says no plant-based diet is a complete protein source as they lack some essential amino acids-the building blocks of proteins. This is one point where vegetarians need to be more mindful while eating. There is one big revelation for the vegetarians at the end of the eBook which would definitely baffle them. 

Dr Amrita gives an easy to understand guide for diseases like Hypothyroidisn, Cancer, Arthritis etc. and possible ways to stay at distance from these troubling life diseases. She talks about the role that eating right food can play in preventing the commonest problems of human life ranging from Flu to Depression. Being a Bengali, she also reveals what advantages she has in terms of eating habits. Don’t we all know about the charm and intellect of Bengali people? Food does have something to do with it.

In the end, I would like to say, I enjoyed reading this book. I am a health conscious person but like all of us, I do have a tendency to take things for granted sometimes. The book was kind of nudge for me. After reading Amrita’s book, I immediately searched for my previous collection of health books. And I can happily say that some changes in my current life style are sure to happen.

 I recommend you to read the book to aware yourself more about right Nutrition and it’s significance. It is available for free download here.


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