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Book Review: Trust Me Not By Ankita Verma Datta

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Trust Me Not, by Author Ankita Verma Datta is a Political thriller with interesting amalgamation of human traits such as trust, friendship, love, ambitions, empowerment, greed, revenge, suspense, ethics etc., all in one book.

Trust Me Not: Plot

Reeva is a modern independent single woman whose mother is desperate to get her hooked to some handsome hunk. Reeva resists all her efforts only until she meets this extremely charming guy, Kunaal. The two feel an intense pull towards each other. Kunaal is everything a girl can wish for- Handsome, Successful, Well-mannered, Confident, and Caring. It was just impossible for a dynamic girl like Reeva to escape his out-of-the-world-charm. She instantly falls for him head over heels. But in-spite of all these riches, there was something abnormal, something very dark about Kunaal which he fears to disclose to anyone.

As expected, destiny brings the two in same corporate set up where the encounters were inevitable. Good thing about this book is that even being madly in love with each other, Reeva and Kunaal manages to act like seer professionals. They are working on a project for the Political Party JBP headed by Rishi Uttur who also happens to be a good friend of Kunaal. There is some disagreement between the honest leader and two construction business tycoons, Thapar and Jaiswal. With the help of an unknown powerful Man ‘The Fixer’, the two overambitious men plan a sequence of events tarnishing the public image of the Party.

When one goes blind with revenge, certain non-repairable accidents are doomed to occur. The demolition of a colony which is purposed to devastate the morality of a non-corrupt person results in disability and death of innocents.

Now the question is- Are Thapar and Jaiswal the only culprits for all the mis-happenings or there is someone, out of the main characters who ultimately is to be taken responsible for this? A lot of suspense awaits you.

Trust Me Not: My Take

To be honest, I truly enjoyed reading the Cinematic book ‘Trust Me Not’. This book, though, showcases women prone to emotions like Love but love is not shown as their weakness. Reeva, Shalini, and Nandita are the representative of a totally empowered breed of women. Shalini does not compromise just for the sake of staying employed; She shows the guts to say ‘No’ to work with Kunaal whom she doesn’t seem to like. Nandita, works for the welfare of poor and never falls prey to easy name and fame. She is strong-willed woman. Reeva, a dedicated professional, likes her co-worker and friend, Nihaal who is a gentleman but also falls in love with Kunaal who seems to be irresistible. She yearns for him but confronts him at the same time if something doesn’t feel right to her considering the illusive and unpredictable behavior of Kunaal. And the decision she makes in the end, is enough to prove her cranial capacity. I liked how the intimate scenes in the book are not just the portrayal of lust; of course there is desire but the romance and the slow pace keeps the reader wanting for more.

While reading the book, You witness how biased the media is! How money is always the game changer! How people use their influence to make and break news! Very dramatic story indeed, involving political leaders, business tycoons, Big media houses, Social workers and of course the aam aadmi. Definitely an excellent read for those who love suspense.

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 384

The book was sent to me by the author in exchange of an honest review.

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