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#thebigswitch #bookreview #motivationalbook #helpbook #mustread #wrongjob #johnthomas

Book Review: The Big Switch (It’s Never Too Late)

#thebigswitch #bookreview #motivationalbook #helpbook #mustread #wrongjob #johnthomas

The Big Switch: Plot

Keith is a software engineer in a reputed Mumbai based IT company. He is everything an ideal employee should be-Intelligent, Hard-working, Result-oriented, Cooperative, and above all Needy. His Team Manager, Mathur, on the other hand is a complete jerk; he is as sweet as sugar but as mean as snake, and very biased. Not a good leader in any sense. The first half of the book describes how Keith struggles to complete countless abrupt assignments thrown by Mathur at the nick of time, and how Mathur makes it sure that Keith has a tough time completing them. On the personal front, Keith is finding it impossible to give any time to his girlfriend, Maya, who eventually leaves him. Keith has no control over his situation Neither he succeeds in convincing Maya to stay back nor he gets the expected rewards at work. No wonder he loses interest in his job but continuing it is an exigency; his family needs him.
Nothing is permanent in this world. So was the state of Keith. On a temporary assignment to Bangaluru, he meets Ramesh, a beaming bundle of energy, enthusiasm, and positivity. Ramesh is his new Manager but he is too good to be one. A Leader in true sense, Ramesh inspires his team so much that they actually enjoy their stay in the office. Work is a celebration for them. He also successfully motivates Keith to find solution to his current situation. It was difficult not to get influenced by so much goodness. Keith takes a tough decision and surprises everyone. What was his decision? Does he leave his Job? If Yes, How he manages to take care of his family? If No, How he gets rid of the negativity at work? Does Maya comes back to Keith or they move on with their life? There are so many questions which makes this book worth reading.

The Big Switch: My Take

“The Big Switch” is a wonderful read. The best thing about the book is you relate to Keith at various points irrespective of fact that you work in a corporate sector or not! The helplessness of educated and needy people, prolonged working hours, the pressure to perform, the insecurities of the employees, and the biasness of the higher authorities are very well described. The book successfully throws light on the exploitation of hard-working employees for their capabilities by incapable yet manipulative bosses. And because of this work culture, how the personal life of a person suffers, we see it abundantly throughout the book. I see many posts on social media where they talk about Monday Blues, and their desperate wait for weekends conveys the idea what kind of working atmosphere are they exposed to! The second half of the book gives hope that we can change our situation no matter how bad it is. Only things required are determination, motivation and planning. Sometimes self motivation isn’t enough, we need a push from the outer world.

‘The Big Switch’ the debut book of John Thomas is an honest attempt by him in sharing the message that it’s never too late to change one’s life for better ‘The Big Switch’ is a must Read for those who think they are stuck in a wrong job and who fear to take the leap or for those who tend to sacrifice their passions so that they can make ends meet. No matter how late, Switch is possible guys!


*The book was sent to me by Vinfluecers in exchange of an honest review.

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