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Book Review: For The Sake Of Love By Anamika Mishra

For The Sake Of Love: The Book

Writer Anamika Mishra has opened the book with a letter from David to Jasmine written on Valentine’s Day 1956, giving the reader an impression that it might be a compilation of letters but as you move ahead the story comes to the present day Twisha Khanna who works for a Travel Magazine as Creative Head. Twisha has everything, Name, Position, Money and a comfortable life in a fast city like Bengaluru. Remaining overly busy in her work, she never finds time for human natural emotions like love. In fact, she considers the idea of love absurd. According to her it’s just a weapon men use for Sex.

Successful career has made Twisha a little high-headed, arrogant and overconfident of her capabilities that she starts underestimating the caliber of other colleagues especially Bobby who is assigned to assist Twisha on a project to be executed in the Hills queen, Shimla. Bobby saw Twisha as an ideal whereas Twisha thought low of her. But things were up for change. Yes, the romantic town Shimla Does have that power!

While staying in a beautiful apartment in Shimla, Twisha and Bobby run in to a fascinating bundle of letters left unattended for years. Curiosity hits them and the charisma of love unfolds. The letters are written by a Man called David to his love interest Jasmine. Every letter asks a common question inquiring Jasmine why she never writes back and mentions a common spot where David promises to be waiting for her, under the oak tree! This man looked alien to Twisha. ‘Who waits for a woman for so long?’ Her curiosity to see him increases and the two set to meet him.

David turns out be an old widower, now with a grandchild. He definitely married someone else but his heart always belonged to Jasmine. He hasn’t seen her for ages. It seems that Jasmine promised to write back but probably, that never happened and the love story remained incomplete. Alex, his grandchild, also closed his heart to love after seeing the misery it brings along. But on Twisha’s persuasion he also decides to help find his grandfather’s lost love. The two wretched souls deserve at least a happy dusk of life…possibly together. And while seeking Jasmine the two feel some unknown emotions budding within. What happens when they set to find Jasmine? Do they succeed? Why Jasmine did never write back to David? Did Alex and Twisha acknowledge what was happening to them?

Read For the Sake of Love to find the answers.

For The Sake Of Love: My Take

The book ‘For The Sake Of Love’ has chapters as mix of letters and current day situation which keeps the interest on. Being one Shimlaite myself, I definitely felt the romance that is integral to Mountain air. In total, the story line is simple and also predictable at times, excluding the climax of love story of David and Jasmine. The Author used simple language. The book makes a good weekend read during these days especially here in the romantic misty mountains when you can leisurely sit in your balcony surrounded by the hovering clouds and the sounds of drizzles, rekindling the sweet romance taking you back to the bygone era of innocent love when your heart used to flutter on the sight of that one ‘face’.

One face… that used to brighten your days and embellish your nights. One face… that meant whole world to you.

Enjoy the journey back in time ‘FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE’.
Mann 💓

*The book was sent to me by the author in exchange of honest review.

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