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Book Re-View: The Boy Who Loved

The Boy Who Loved

The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta

My rating: 5 of 5 stars




‘Been there done that’

This is one constant feeling which stayed with me while reading the book (atleast at some points). Don’t we know what it’s like to be an Indian teenager!

The Boy Who Loved: The Book

The book honestly describes the environment in a typical middle class Indian family with both working parents who always dream for a better life, day and night nurturing their own ambitions. For the children which translates mostly in the form of cracking IIT and likes, who therefore are seen mostly struggling to keep balance between the burden of their parents’ expectations, and the mind boggling rush of their age appropriate hormones, finding it next to impossible to do justice to any, and hence, are prone to loose focus in the process.

#theboywholoved #durjoydutta

Plot And Characters

The Boy Who Loved’ is written in the journal format, and Raghu is the narrator of the story. He is a good son and even better student in comparison to his elder brother Anirban. Raghu’s family is one such family where daily discussions at the dinner table wouldn’t culminate without mentioning the all time favourite topic of the family i.e. ‘score’ in the exams! ‘

But Raghu is not what he appears to be; he is hiding his true self from his orthodox Bengali family. No one in his family knows that he is always in the look out for the highest building in the city from which he would someday jump!
He is very lonely yet thoughtful teen who finds a soulmate in Brahmi, a girl in his class exhibiting similar tendencies. He is strongly attracted to her against his own wish. Such an association is ought to be interesting; it is tickling but also lamentable at the same time. Their characters are innocent yet bold; they are virtuous yet with ulterior motives.
Things were going quite as per Raghu’s plan but the story takes a U-turn when it is revealed the Anirban, Raghu’s brother, whom he was waiting to settle down so that he may walk on his decided path of no comeback, is seeing a muslim girl. It completely upsets the goals of the family in general and Raghu, in particular.
He is in a fix between his parents and their IIT aspirations; his brother and his anti family endeavors; Brahmi and her antihuman gaurdians; Somehow he forgets his own troubles and gets busy sorting things out, unsuccessfully.
Brahmi’s character is also very strange. Such intelligent and sensible girl could be so empty from inside, it’s difficult to accept.
The two, Raghu and Brahmi found refuge in each other, though temporarily. There is further suffering awaiting for the two of them. And Anirban, he goes against his parents and marries the love of his life, only to be cursed by them wholheartedly.

Would he be able to live a happy married life or the curse would engulf the happiness he is seeking?
Why was Raghu planning to end his life?
What was waiting for Raghu and Brahmi?
Would they go on with their sad intentions and find a suitable building for the two of them to jump?

They’ll give life another chance?

To know the answers, you’ll have to read ‘The Boy Who Loved’.

I loved the book in and out. Full marks.

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