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Bestselling Author Nikita Singh’s ‘Letters To My Ex’ (Book Review) #superbloggerchallenge2018

Letters To My Ex; Book Review

Author: Nikita Singh

I don’t care how hard being together is,

Nothing is worse than being apart.

The book ‘Letters to my Ex’ is the true manifestation of the above lines of Josephine Angelini. Author Nikita Singh has attempted to tell the story involving the writing of letters and exchanges of emails among two lovers, Nidhi and Abhay who actually have become ‘exes’ now.
There was a time when two were passionately in love with each other and considered themselves the happiest couple in the world for long five years. Then one day, Nidhi just walks out of the relation, un-announced, and everything changes thereafter.

The reason behind this life changing decision is unclear in the beginning but the mist clears as we finish reading a few letters that Nidhi writes to Abhay, never to be sent, ever. Actually, Nikita Singh has written the story from Nidhi’s perspective. Abhay’s state of mind doesn’t come to forefront clearly. From her actions and reactions, Nidhi appears to be a pretty confused person, impulsive at times but determined and ambitious at other. In-spite of being a failure in love, she intends to make it big on career front.
Abhay on the other hand, is quite heedful and composed. His reaction to situations is never loud. However, it is frustrating to see his inaction the moment Nidhi breaks-up, she just walks out of his life. He doesn’t question her, doesn’t stop her! He lets her go! There is no doubt Nidhi herself builds a wall; she doesn’t allow him in, she shuts him out, not letting him know her true feelings, her nightmares but How can someone not ask for the answers? The story sounds shallow on surface but the feelings are true for a person in love.

The following one year is spent initially in avoiding the possible encounters, then opting for some distractions which hardly work for any of the two, especially for Nidhi; she was only searching for her lost love, Abhay, all the time. Result is bleeding out on paper as ‘Letters to my ex’.

My Take on ‘Letters To My Ex’

The book “Letters To My Ex”, is a small read of 138 pages. Not exactly over the top but can well serve as a nice weekend read. I enjoyed the so-called ‘circular thoughts’ of a confused girl. Although, appearing repetitive at times but that’s fine; it’s a baggage that comes with love! Love is weird and makes you do weird things.
What I felt in the end is that Nikita Singh hurried the ‘make-up’ part. There should have been something to make the ‘want’ intense. I missed that; otherwise, totally worth reading.

Rating 3/5

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