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Best Way To Keep Dry Skin Super Soft! (Nutraeffects; A Product Review) #superbloggerchallenge2018

Bonjour mon amis!
How are you doing?
In Hills, Winters are slowly saying au revoir. The days are warming up slightly. Parks are coming back to life in early mornings. I too got up early this morning and climbed the steps to the roof to breathe the morning air. The chill is still there, but not hurting my nasal membrane, my eyes are not watering, and my skin…it isn’t stretching anymore!
My skin feels soft… supple; I can’t stop touching my face time and again. I wonder how cause I didn’t even apply any moisturizer after washing my face which I normally do!

Well, as far as Season is concerned, Winters hardly show mercy to a skin as dry as mine! So, probably it’s the effect of the skin care product that I recently started using. Yes, it’s possibly the miracle glow that ‘Nutraeffects’ promised!#Faceoils #beautyproducts #howtogetglowingskin #Howtotakecareofdryskin #nutraeffectsmiracleglow
I got this tiny bottle two months back, and have been using it since then regularly. Results,

The Product; Nutraeffects

The product I am talking about is an Avon creation, named Nutraeffects, the miracle glow.
It is actually an oil which is less like an oil; It’s non-sticky! Very light and absorbed by the skin the moment you apply it.

As I said, my skin is extremely dry, to an extent that when I wash my face, even with water, I need to apply moisturizer, immediately or it stretches like anything.

How is Nutraeffects different from other oils I used on skin?

Forgets cold creams, I have literally applied oils many times on my face which helped, no doubt, but the whole process is really messy, to be honest.
We normally perform the beauty regime to-night, before going to sleep. Now imagine, me with dollops of oil on my hands trying to dab it and massage it on my face, which is going nowhere! Either I sleep as such, loaded with grease and moisturize my bedding or, I clean it or… I look for something less troublesome.
This is here that Nutraeffects entered the scene here and the opinions changed.

I don’t even feel like I have applied anything on. Now, I sleep without worry. Added benefits: I can apply it during day also. This is how good it is!


It is basically an active seed complex. Oils are extracted from plant parts like Olive fruit , Passiflora incarnata seeds, Linseed, Coffee seeds, Sclerocarya birrea seeds, Orbignya oliefera seed etc.

How to use:

Apply on clean skin.
This bottle comes with a dropper. Dispense 2-3 drops on to palm, dab on forehead, upper and lower cheeks and chin. Gently massage with finger tips.

Results I got:

Skin looks nourished, and feels smooth.

What I was expecting?

To get rid of under eye dark circles and fine Lines.
It’s difficult to comment on dark circles because these really love me, never actually leave me! But, I definitely found difference in the texture of the skin around eyes.

Added points:

  • Also suitable for sensitive skin
  • Allergy tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free of parabens, synthetic dyes

Pack and Price:

30ml pack for 725 INR

My take on Nutraeffects:

If you are one of those who are less blessed with good skin, or suffer from utter dryness and fine lines, or are approaching 40s, invest a few hundreds on Nutraeffects. It’s worth. It lasts long and gives results you can’t deny. I love Nutraeffects and this is one thing that I would love to continue using.๐Ÿ˜Š

That’s all for now. I hope you liked the review.
Don’t forget to tell me in the comment section. ๐Ÿ‘‡
A bientot!

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