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#whatwasmyfault #azizpadiwala #bookreview #farhaan #zoya #love #story #relationships #society

Book Review: What Was My Fault By Aziz Padiwala

#whatwasmyfault #azizpadiwala #bookreview #farhaan #zoya #love #story #relationships #society

A twenty something boy Farhaan, meets a girl Zoya, on a totally undesired trip to India and falls in love with her at first sight. He wants to be with her at any cost. But how could he forget his bitter past? He decides to share it with the girl in his life wondering what would be her reaction?

What Was My Fault : The Book

Definitely a love story or better to call it a love seeking story! Aziz Padiwala tells the tale through Farhaan, who is working in Kuwait. He lives with his mother. Their life is pretty dull and revolves around Farhaan’s office, and home only. A boy of his age should be out having fun but due to the unfortunate incidents in the past, he has lost faith in relationships; he has lost hope to ever be ‘Normal’ again!

Then one forced trip to India happens. His mother announces that they are going for a wedding at their relatives. Uninterested Farhaan follows his mother’s wish in an intention to avoid any confrontation.

He had no idea even in dreams that this trip could change his life. Suddenly, he starts feeling he has a heart beating in his chest which is full of emotions. He falls for Zoya head over heels. He wants her that too without looking desperate (which he fails badly). Zoya is a young, beautiful and ambitious girl. She has goals in life. She plans to work for NASA, and build rockets, one day. But bumping into Farhaan somewhat distracts her; she also starts liking him. Farhaan proves to be witty, romantic, and determined. They share a good chemistry and this part of the book also makes you smile a few times.

Both enjoy each other’s company. Zoya takes Farhaan to some of the secluded places in the town. She herself comes forward to take their relationship to next level. But wait…Farhaan has a past, and before committing to Zoya, he needs her to know everything!

My Take On ‘What Was My fault’

No doubt a small read but it successfully kept me glued with an interesting story line. The quest of Farhaan to find true love eventually ends frigidly due to the societal norms. ‘What was my fault’ comes with a message and throws light on what is happening around us especially in middle class society where marriage is of utmost significance. People are in too much hurry to marry off their daughters. It doesn’t matter if they have to suppress their dreams, their desires! But, for how long? These are going to surface sooner or later! What happens to such forced  relationship then?

And one more thing, the book shows how People lie! They don’t disclose stuff while marriages are being fixed. Once secrets are revealed; it’s suffocating to live with a lie! And this doesn’t apply only to girls part, all have equal share in it. The book reminds how hypocrite our society is and how it treats the people with failed relationships?

At the end of the book you are left with a thought, “Why such mentality? Don’t they deserve a chance at love? Forget love. Don’t they have a right to live a normal (if not fairy tale), life?”



*The book was sent to me by Vinfluencers in exchange of an honest review.

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