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From A Kid’s Diary

Not all in this world are bad,

See again, few are good too;

Those who bring the light,

Sow liveliness inside you.

Without any relation or expectation,

They give you all they can;

Helping you come out,

Of your pernicious pain.

This is because of them,

You feel alive and happier;

Seems like you have rewon,

The battle lost earlier.

They teach you how,

Your life is nothing short of bliss,

Not to waste it regretting,

Knowing you are innocent, and completely  guiltless.

Generations come and go,

Time never stops for any creature;

It will not wait for you,

As per its pretty obvious nature.

Stop pitying yourself, think above;

There are less blessed souls on earth,

Who need some compassion

Who are in dire need of  love.


PS. I found this scribbling in a notebook from the past I have kept till date for some reason. Today not in writing mode, I needed to check my new site’s functioning, I came across this and posted it. 😊

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