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Where there’s GOD will, there’s a SUBWAY


It’s Saturday. I entered the College and a Colleague greeted me with ‘Congratulations’ instead of ‘Good morning’.

I said, “thank you, but what have I done to deserve that?

Duty list has arrived!”

[For your information, semester exams are going to start in 2-3 days for which University shuffles teaching faculty members and places them in various other colleges. Here, this list is being discussed]

Really, I said. What are you waiting for? Open the chest and let the secret come out!”

His facial expression changed from elation to compassion, “Didn’t you approach someone?”

I totally got the message. By approaching he meant to ask some ‘influential person’ a favour so that you get a station nearby.

I looked in his eyes and uttered, “You know me! I just can’t kneel and plead for such ‘favours’ from a ‘mortal’ like me!”

Then enjoy the most awkwardly situated station my dear,” he handed the list over to me.

Curiously I searched for my name in the list and moved the finger to locate the station, “What? “

[Everyone in the list got a comfortably near location and some even got more than comfortable.]

 I thought, “Why only me?” But I already knew the answer. So better I make some strategy to deal with the current situation.

I am going to decline! I thought.

You can’t”, clarified our boss. “Moreover, that’s not easy. Either you have to give your substitute or a medical but neither is feasible here.”

So you mean, there’s no way out!” I was little worried.

It would have been easier if you had worked on it, beforehand,” She showed concern.

I understand. Let’s see what happens. If there’s nothing that I can do, it’s better I do the obvious,” I tried to be positive.

Where there’s a WILL,

may 15 020

There’s a WAY.

So after being relieved from my workplace I am heading towards the new niche.

On the way:

The examination centre is around 18 km from my work place. So it’s not that far, you see. I boarded a private bus which is taking forever to reach there (I don’t know why but they don’t feel like moving until the passengers start literally spilling out). My thought of not continuing there, was getting firmer with every passing second.

Exam centre:

When I entered the college premises, I realized that it’s a girl’s college.  Further, it’s not far from the main road. The centre chief was already waiting me to report and as soon as I saw him, I found it difficult to utter the ‘NO’ word. Reason, I knew him. He was very cool and told us many perks of invigilating there.

He said, “Each and every inch you travel, will be paid. I know its winter and as soon as the exam is over, it gets dark outside. So no worries about the evening shift as well, everything will be taken care of.”

His point, kind of convinced me and I changed my mind. “Fine, I’ll do it!”

Where there’s GOOD WILL,

may 15 021

There’s a Highway.

Back journey:

I am standing at a place, people call ‘bus stop’; there’s no ‘bus stand’ to say and there’s no bus in far sight. The locals are staring as if asking ‘how dare you put your foot on our territory’. (It’s a joke). Soon, a bus makes a pull over and leaves. (There are demerits of not knowing the place and directions).

 I see another bus coming towards me; driver signalled to board and I got in, only to find no place to stand, forget sit. There was barely anything to hold onto. The moment, breaks were applied; I would fall on the people sitting in front.

This kept recurring and I kept thinking, “Is it an intelligent idea to put myself in such miserable situation every day? Am I calling for an unnecessary trouble? The driver kept staring in the rear mirror and applying breaks to double the trouble.


At the door, my cell phone rang. It’s a well wisher. She said, “I managed to place you here in a local college and the official letter is on its way.

What a great news it would have been only if it had arrived few hours earlier.

I was feeling helpless, “What? No, please. Not now!”

I am not listening anything! You cancel it there,” She said hurriedly cutting the line.

What to do now? This concerned soul on earth, is trying to make things easy for me but I already said ‘yes’ there.  I don’t want to hurt her as well.”

 Hence I decided to give it a try. I collected all my courage to call the Chief; explained the situation. To my surprise, he didn’t object and said, “Consider it cancelled!”


Was it this easy?

I was thinking this and that and what not! Everything has fallen in place now. Tomorrow, I’ll be reporting to a college which is at 5 minutes leap from my abode and Bonus… I’ll get extra morning time to spend with my family and even afternoons, occasionally :). Isn’t it great?

And after seeing all this drama I have come to a conclusion:

Where there’s is GOD WILL,

may 15 022

There’s also a SUBWAY. 🙂


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