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Six Types Of People You Need To Be Grateful For Being In Your Life

Human beings are social creatures by nature. No matter how much we glorify the ‘Go Solo’ thing; we need people around us, all the time. And that’s a fact. Isn’t it? We can be selective in our choices but we do need them to feel alive. Today, let’s talk about people with some exceptional traits who are a blessing in your life and you should feel grateful for having them.

People Type 1: The Angels

Lifequotes, Lovequotes, relationships, peopletotreasure

You talk to some people all day and still they don’t understand or don’t want to understand what you want to say. Then there are some who in addition to hearing all the crap that comes out of your mouth sincerely, also hear the unsaid words; they decode your silence and know that there is more to it. Like the angels, they keep an eye on you and find the right time to ask. If you are not comfortable telling, they don’t push but wait and stay around, to make sure you are all right. You can trust these people with full heart and pour it out without the fear of being judged. These people distinguish you from crowd and make you feel really important.

People Type 2: The Spellbound

Lifequotes, Lovequotes, relationships, peopletotreasure

Although very few, but we all have this lot of gems in our life. They are there to keep your spirits high. They always look at you with such awe as if you are some special creation of GOD. If there is someone who finds goodness in your every deed, it is spell-bounds only. They never fail to express their admiration for you. You yourself wonder what you might have done to earn them! Such people are nothing less than a blessing, considering, it is so difficult to appreciate others with such intensity without being jealous.

People Type 3: The Chums

Lifequotes, Lovequotes, relationships, peopletotreasure

You keep this lot of people very close to you. May be, because you feel really comfortable and natural in their company. They give you such space and freedom of expression that you don’t have to think before speaking or doing anything crazy when around them. You can say whatever you feel without the fear of any unwanted reaction. Chums know the real you and your language, and what you mean! You can be your silliest self and they still love you. Aren’t they precious and unique?

People Type 4: The Rocks

Lifequotes, Lovequotes, relationships, peopletotreasure

These are the people who don’t express their love or care much but you know they have your back. They’ll never leave you no matter what! The Rocks speak less but you know there is an affirmation in their silence that they’ll never leave. You may commit mistakes; you may throw tantrums, and pretend not to bother too much. But deep down you are sure that you can go back anytime, they’ll accept your apology and you, with full heart. Such people are the reason for your trust in true bonds. Feel Grateful to have them.

People Type 5: The Motivators

Lifequotes, Lovequotes, relationships, peopletotreasure

We all want to do wonders in life. Don’t we? And knowingly, unknowingly, we are also acting as inspiration for others who want to follow the same path. They always look up to you. This bunch of enthusiasts, gives you a reason to continue your journey even when you feel low in energy and motivation. Basically, they help you stay on track. Knowing that you are actually considered an ideal, you know your responsibilities. You don’t want to set bad example and in the process, you achieve many unexpected goals. The Motivators give you a reason to keep moving, never letting you sit idle. Isn’t that the best thing?

People Type 6: The Back Boners

Lifequotes, Lovequotes, relationships, peopletotreasure

This breed of humans is the most important . No matter, how much you achieve in life; the accomplishment remains meaningless if you don’t have people to share it with or to celebrate with! The Backboners give you a reason to come back home every night. You know that some ears are focused on the doorbell; their eyes won’t rest before seeing you in one piece. They are the reason, you exist. You know you can go to any extent to see a smile on their faces. A tear in those eyes breaks your heart. You want to see them, hug them, kiss them not because they are your family but you need this closeness, this warmth, this assurance, that ‘you are needed’. And this, my friend, is a reason big enough to go on in life. Just imagine a situation when a person has everything, every materialistic possession that one can think of, but he is not needed! How far will he go?

In the end, I would just say,

“Recognize the contribution of your well wishers and be grateful for the people who give your strength and reasons to live an exemplary life.”

Have you missed saying thanks to someone? No more guilt. Express your gratitude wholeheartedly in the comment section and feel the bliss.


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