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Sibling Bond


You were my friend, you were my hero. With you around, I needed No one. I was there with you in each one of your childish accomplishments. We spent a good deal of time together. Sometimes I recall many of the episodes and just laugh alone.

I still remember that banging of our cycle in a roadside ditch. How we immediately got up just to assure that nobody noticed us. How could I forget the time when I dared to skip the school just because you were not feeling like going? Do you remember how we kept watching the school prayer from distance? Once it was over, we headed to a no-men’s land (Oh we were so foolishly brave!); it was a…long day. I used to shield all your monkey business and above that escort you, always. I shared this really strong bond with you.

Children are known to imitate elders so how someone expected us to be different, especially you. Do you remember that incident when we hid under the table so that no one sees you mimic smoking? Only to be caught in-a-while. This one time, to save me how you replaced the ‘Ghee’ in a can with ‘water’ because I got slipped and entire thing got washed away. The list goes on…. You were such a pain in the ass of every one, still I loved you. You stood for me, I stood for you through every thick and thin.

But what has happened now? We think we are the same but, alas! No. Oh! Why did we grow up to be so mature? Childhood was great fun. All that innocence has vanished somewhere! Time has devoured that gallant friendship of ours. We still have much love for each other but it’s different! I can’t help but yearn to live those childish moments again.

I miss you buddy and I just hate it but I think it’s time to say farewell.

“Farewell early days; adieu innocent friendship”- As you are not able to keep pace with modern fast moving life, go hide behind those hard covers of photo albums, only to raise your heads once-in-a-while to bring our childhood back; our smiles back….


  • Kevin

    Great post. I love the picture. You and your brother are so cute! The minute i saw your brother’s smile I smiled too. i couldn’t control it.
    it sounds like the both of you have some excellent childhood memories. My sister is two years younger than me and we have never been close. She never understood me and never really tried to be close to me. we are exact opposites in every way. I’m very glad that you and your brother are so close.

    • Mann Kaundal

      Thank you Kevin…Yes we are close but we were closer as children. That time was precious. Now say its distance or our respective lives…Things are not the same…But that’s how it goes, isn’t it? Today it is a day for the celebration of love of brothers and sisters in our part of world. I thought of making it special this way.

  • ODIE

    What for a wonderful blog. It warmed my heart and reminded me on my past when I was little. Time goes by so quick and the innocent happyness from the past is just a memory..
    Love Odie

  • Poet Rummager

    Darling photo! I have a sister who has distanced herself, as well. It’s sad, but I remember her as the little girl who used to love her big sister. We can choose our friends, but family is given to us as gifts — yet what happens when the bond is no longer there?

  • lcbennettstern

    Excellent post. It brought back so many memories for me of my childhood days following my older brother around, doing whatever he instructed. After all, he was older and wiser (at least that’s what I thought at the time). So much shared laughter, tears, celebration, and fear of getting caught doing things like sneaking into the Saturday movie matinee! I wouldn’t trade one minute of those glorious days for anything in the world. He left me behind permanently when he was only twenty seven. He still lives in my heart and always will. Perhaps you should reconsider saying farewell to your brother until you absolutely are forced to.

    • Mann Kaundal

      Hey friend I am sorry to read about…I can understand. I love my family immensely and thank GOD they too feel the same. and it might appear such but I was trying to say farewell to childhood memories. The time is different now we are married and have kids and are busy in our own lives. This post came out because it was a day of celebration of brothers-sisters love here in INDIA…We pray for their long life and progress…So I was kind of missing the togetherness.

  • lcbennettstern

    I love that you have a day of celebration of brothers-sisters! I still have six other siblings to share life with! It does get more difficult to get together when everyone is grown and has their own family…so I understand.

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