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Paint a ‘Happy’ World for Yourself

Being happy is the ultimate goal of humans if you ask me but nobody knows when and how they are going to be happy. Happiness always seems to be a future thing. We always think, “Once I do this, I will be happy,” and when that thing is accomplished, our goals are set higher; our mark of the happiness measurement has already gone up and we are like, “why aren’t we happy now? This was all I wanted and now I am still not happy!”

I remember a joke on this account.

Once a friend asks another, “You keep sleeping all the day, wake up and study so that you get good marks in exams.”

What will I do with good marks?”

You will get a good job!”

What will I do with the good job?”

You will earn a lot of money!”

What will I do with that lot of money?”

You can live a luxurious and a happy life!”

What do you think I am doing, right now?”

Well…jokes apart ;). The friend mentioned above was living a luxurious life because of his parents who are paying for it.

What I want to say is that happiness is a ‘state of mind’ and it is in ‘our nature’. If we are happy by nature, we will have a habit of staying happy, no matter how luxurious or ordinary our life is! But if we have a tendency to stay gloomy, no one can gift us happiness.

“Pursuit of happiness” is one of my favourite movies. It is such a fabulous tale of a man who loses everything but hope. He works against all odds and defines happiness at the climax and ‘what a definition’!

In my opinion, happiness is not a superficial thing and I don’t believe that an ever-smiling and laughing person is truly happy. That is just a way to express one ‘could be happy’; not a guarantee of one ‘is happy’!

Happiness to an extent is controlled by some external power. Don’t worry, I am not being paranoid, I am saying the source is outside in the materialistic world but that sometimes turns out to be the reason for our lack of happiness too. There are people who are either blessed to have each luxury in their life or they have acquired it themselves but still are not happy. Why is that? Why can’t we stay happy forever? Sometimes it seems as if we have to remind ourselves to be happy; to feel happy.

I feel happy when I eat nutritious food on a routine basis which is tough cookie for me (to stay on routine). I feel extremely happy if I exercise and burn some calories; If I find myself learning new things; If I read someone; If I remember GOD; If I shop my favourite outfits; If I write something….

There are days when I like to listen to music, I stop in front of mirror and compliment myself. I enjoying cooking special dishes for my family; I love doing house chores. From where does that happiness seep in?

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I feel so light, so happy 🙂 however I didn’t do anything special for that; I just slept just like every day.

The moral of the story is: The source of happiness is inside us…we are the makers and slayer of our own happiness. Why don’t we make happiness “motto of the moment’ and spread it all around…unconditionally and make it a happy world. Impossible as it may seem but then who said it’s ‘impossible’? Read it I-M-POSSIBLE!:)



  • shinepositivepower

    I guess for me the reason why we are not always happy because there are things we can’t control, we have limitations, however being able to realize them, I believe brings happiness, contentment brings happiness, true happiness can’t be bought and usually if we are a loving person, just knowing that our loved ones are okay, that makes us happy. Ultimately as the saying goes…there is more joy or happiness in giving than receiving…I am not saying we don’t accept what we are given but it is best if we are the one to give. 🙂 I guess being able to share your thoughts through blogging and hoping that someone might learn or be happy from reading it makes you happy. 🙂 Keep the happiness my friend 🙂

    • Mann Kaundal

      You are absolutely right, when our loved ones are okay, we are the happiest and you are again right that sharing my thoughts and hoping that someone might like them or relate to them…makes me happy…I am thankful that you spent your precious time on my blog and made me feel HAPPY…Blessings.

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