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No Women Please!!

Have you ever noticed,while remembering  GOD, your head automatically raises, you stare into the sky and close your eyes as if HE is up there, listening and witnessing everything….

When I was a child, I too believed that GOD lives in the sky in an invisible huge form and from there, takes care of his children on Earth. Well back then, I didn’t have a slightest idea that his all children are not ‘equal’. Although he gave us all, the equal liberty of praying but only man was privileged to enter many of his earthly residences.

Now that I saw it myself, couldn’t help but share it with you people. Remember, I am not judging anyone here but in the end, please tell me, how justified is it?

Recently visited a place nearby. It’s a temple which boasts of making you sin-free but offer is available only for Males. Yo man! Do whatever wrong you feel like, for you have a place to clean your linen in the end! But wait, did I say that the same temple bars females from entering its premises!


Now that’s  ironical. This is the land where a woman astronaut like ‘Kalpana Chawla‘ was born who dared to enter ‘space’ (Supposedly the God’s abode) and see, on this very land, females are denied such a very basic thing, even today. Imagine the rocket is launched and as the astronauts are about to enter the space, and suddenly a tagline appears ‘Women are not allowed to enter the space‘.

Its more funny than sad. I don’t think that the women are dying to meet the GOD living inside these temples but I sometimes wonder that who gave man, this power to decide how a woman is supposed to behave? I mean I never heard any one barring males from entering the temple of a Goddess!

They have secured their place there as well.

and this is what you call… a job, well done!


The line in Green says, “Entry of Women is prohibited inside the temple”

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  • laughtermedicineforthesoul

    Unbelievable! That tells you right there the women must be angels in comparison to the men, so they feel the need to have a temple just for them to cleanse their souls. They better be thankful I don’t live nearby. I would annoy the hell out of them and force them to create a door just for us women, with a post: “We are your humble servant.”
    Thanks for your visit and the like.

    • Mann Kaundal

      Ha-ha that sounds promising. but creating a new door is hell tough. However it’s not the usual practice some people still follow some baseless customs. But for how long will they stay clung to them when masses are opposing including men. Change is the law of Nature.

  • Sha'Tara

    To gain some understanding of all these religions, whether eastern or western, it is necessary to go beyond mainstream history and learn what really happened in man’s relatively recent (in geological terms) development. Only the truly curious will go there and the information is available for those who “hunger and thirst” for truth.

  • Sha'Tara

    I agree with Tyler. Women don’t need God (or gods) because they already bring forth life.

    There is a long, long history of horror that came to this world to make it into a male-dominated state, and it will be a long time yet before that state is finally broken for good. It begins when women wake up and realize that all religions are MAN made and they must desist from supporting ANY of them, in any form. Women who insist on participating in organized religions will continue to be oppressed by that same religion. Finally, let’s not forget this simple fact, that all gods and MAN made, for the purpose of subjection, domination and suppression. Religions never free, they only enslave. Worship of deities was taught to slaves in pre-history… and slaves continue to worship.

    • Mann Kaundal

      You are brave.
      I am still struggling with the question, “Is there a GOD?”
      If yes why is so much confusion?
      And It is more complicated to be on one side because I belong to a science stream which makes it even more complicated. I have been informed and convinced about how life actually came in to existence.
      and it looks logical too!

  • thelonelyauthorblog

    Great post. Thanks for sharing this with us. First, yeah I still look up when I think of God. Now regarding this no women temple. That is terrible. Only a man can cleanse his sins? Don’t worry my friend, eventually men will evolve and realize we have a long way to go before we become woman’s equal.

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