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A happy family… going for a ride… father’s mobile phone rings… he stops the bike to attend the call.

An over speed tanker on the other lane…first collides with a truck in the front…shifts the lane and gets off the road but… CRUSHING THE INNOCENT FAMILY ON THE WAY.

It’s not a scene from any movie but a reality video which was viral yesterday. It reminded me of many such accidents occurred in the past. The recent one was the drowning of boisterous south Indian students in a river. While watching that video I wished for a miracle but all I could hear was the cries of those poor souls in the thundering of river water. Everything was gone in a few minutes. Then I recalled the video which was shot by the victims of 9/11 attack, death in form of a plane was heading towards them. At least they saw it coming, there were zillion people gathered in the very place for their respective businesses, without a slightest idea, what was about to happen? My heart starts sinking when I think of the gigantic ‘Titanic’, where countless people died of a miserable, cold and extended death. The thoughts keep coming and terrifying me to death. There was this cloud burst tragedy in the north Indian state which did not even spared the people with religious purpose making everything purposeless in a flash. That mayhem is still fresh in the memory of our people. Who is to be blamed for all this except for (you guessed it right), destiny or fate?

Few years back, I watched a movie named ‘Final Destination’. After seeing the movie, I became so wary that odd thoughts would automatically start bothering me as soon as there was a situation. If I was to board a train, I was like, “what if this train leaves the track soon?  Or gets on fire? If air travelling, I would think,” What if this plane has a bomb or is going to be hijacked? Or what if it disappears just like that? I would double-check the gas burner before sleeping. I was especially cagey with electricity appliances. My thinking got creepy for a while. As time passed memories of that mind boggling movie became hazy and so did the spine chilling fear.

Now I have an assumption that certain things are beyond our reach and imagination. How hard we try, our limits are set by two things in life; Destiny and Fate. Earlier I used to confuse the two with each other. I read somewhere that ‘destiny’ is flexible, it gives us options, it changes with our karma; but ‘fate’ is a one way street, it is fixed and sealed. Few lines to explain it well:

A bald man felt the sun’s fierce rays

Scorch his defenseless head,

In haste to shun the noontide blaze

Beneath a palm he fled:

Prone as he lay, a heavy fruit

Crashed through his drowsy brain:

Whom fate has sworn to persecute

Finds every refuge vain……

I feel melancholic. Does it mean that many things in our life (good or bad) are already fixed? And we won’t be able to change them at all. Are we just the puppets at the hands of FATE?

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