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Isn't Celebration An Exhibition Of Our Possessions?

Few days back my daughter turned Five. She wanted to celebrate it huge, and I…I wanted it to be different! 

Here, I admit, I like to try humanly yet unusual things, and absolutely love to get credit for my efforts…like most of you.😊

So after a lot of brainstorming, I stopped at one thought…about the very ‘in’ thing these days…i.e. Finding and visiting the nearest orphanage, and have a unique birthday celebration with the less fortunate children. This was obviously going to be different, but somehow, it didn’t get approval from the rational mind of mine.

It did sound like very humane at first to gift a few joyful moments to those kids, but at the same time, it felt really inhumane to me. 


Celebrating your happiness with them!

Doesn’t it sound less like making them happy, and more like making them realize how unfortunate they are? Don’t you think somewhere they are going to envy the good fate of kids who have parents to take care of them, and love them unconditionally? Wouldn’t it be merciless on our part to knowingly press their most painful nerve? Doesn’t matter how nice we be to them, it is going to last a short while. We are going to come back with a good feeling of charity, but what we would be leaving behind… that, disturbs my mind… who is going to make up for the painful reminder of inadequacy, of deficiency? Who is going to fill the void that is there in their life…permanently? 

So obviously the idea died at the very place it took birth. I don’t know if I did right or wrong, but I know one thing, I won’t atleast go there for celebrating ‘my happiness’, that I can do in other countless possible ways. 

If ever I’ll go to them,  It will be ‘for’ them 


I won’t go at all…


PS. The post is based on personal opinion of the author. It in no way is meant to offend anyone’s feelings.
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