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#teaching #teacher #student #relationship #life #profession # satisfction

How Teaching Is More Than Just A Profession! #MyFriendAlexa Post 4

I always believed that I am a good, hard working teacher but good  enough to be able to touch young hearts, about this, I was kind of sceptical!

#teaching #teacher #student #relationship #life #profession # satisfction

Just imagine when students walk over to you to tell you how special and significant role you play in their life, and  genuinely, their actions speak louder than their words… You feel elated, confident and proud… as if something’s been accomplished! 🙂


This is the best thing to hear for a teacher. It’s one thing to adore a teacher but to convey the feeling in plain words,  without  buttering  up…I am amazed how students do that!

I just wonder why we loose this innocence and clarity of thoughts over time and start keeping our feelings to ourselves. Why don’t we let loose…why don’t we ‘be’ what we ‘are’ and show what we actually feel! Why there has to be pretending?

No matter how much we pretend…the truth somehow manages to  show up.

Be real and always remember,

Happiness increases if we share, and Love multiplies if Care… and…

this is no ‘secret’ but a proven ‘mantra’ for a happy fulfilling life.

So on a happy note,

Cheers to sanctity of Teacher-Pupil Relationship since time immemorial. 🙂

I am taking my Alexa rank to next level with blogchatter. My hashtags are #mannreads for reading and #mannspeaks for writing.

This is my 4th post.

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