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Is it true?

I have been off wordpress for the last one month! Simply unbelievable. I mean who does that?

And if someone’s already doing it, that too without even realising… What does it mean?

Does it mean I am no longer a  writer,  a blogger?

If no, why such a huge gap?

And tell you what… I am not feeling like it even now!

True… writing gives me a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of happiness but its not just ‘writing’ that satiates me… I do love living life ‘in real’. Sometimes all I want is, Be in-the- moment…live, and just don’t do anything about that… no story telling.

I don’t know how many of you will agree but staying glued to screen 24/7 actually steals the fun from ‘life’. You are so busy  reading and posting the latest happenings on internet… while the life keeps happening around, and you are like… how did I miss that?

I know staying off the screen doesn’t guarantee a life lived fully… But this is just my calculation!

I never came here for numbers, so an hourly or daily posting doesn’t seem necessary. Or does it? What I am here for is to know some new people genuinely (however few)…and to learn about their life journey, sharing mine along the line. My posts may be infrequent but whenever I write they comes direct from heart.

I am so grateful for all the people I have met here and befriended. Everyone is rocking  the blogosphere with their mind-blowing creativity and knowledge (Hey I am watching you… 😉 ).

So Cheers to blogging-hood.

A bientot People…Have loads of fun.

This is your friend…Mann!

(Spell it like Sun) 🙂

Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


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