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Happy Diwali to ‘Us’ All

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11.11.2015: We are celebrating Diwali today 🙂

“DIWALI” is not just a festival for us, INDIANS; its our way of life. Celebrated in the name of comeback of Lord ‘Rama’ to his home after fourteen years of exile, Diwali also brings special blessings and delightful company of our near and dear ones; It’s a time to remember the ones you haven’t seen or talked to, in-a-while.

Well, I called many many friends and relatives on this auspicious occasion to wish them good and feel really happy and blessed myself. Rightly said, “Happiness multiplies after sharing.”

We, Indians are celebrating the festival of light but I don’t want my non-Indian friends to stay far from the joy and bliss, therefore, here I wish all them a very happy Diwali too,

May the light of these Diwali Diyas (lamps) light up new dreams, Fresh hopes, undiscovered avenues, different perspectives, everything bright and beautiful for you. May these lamps illuminate your life with endless joy, love, prosperity, health, wealth and happiness :).


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