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Five Reasons Why I Would Never Give Up Being A Working Woman that I am!

Life of a working woman isn’t a cake walk ; mine is no different but haven’t we whined enough on that already?

As the woman’s day is approaching, I thought why it is always about difficulties, inefficiencies, inadequacies that, we, as working women should talk about, specially, on the family front? What if we shift the focus to the positive side and highlight what difference this stepping-out has made in our life?

I am an educator and I am writing this post to celebrate the brighter side of being in this profession and would be stressing more on the privileges that my working life has given me despite being a woman and a mom.

I Am A Working Woman & I Can Change Mind Sets

The greatest blessing that comes with my job is…it has placed me in a position where I can actually work towards a change in the society…I have the future of country listening to my ideas. If I succeed in teaching them one good thing or two, my job is done.

I Am A Working Woman & I have Financial Freedom

Financial independence is a big deal! No matter what, I know that a fixed amount will be credited in my bank account on 1st of every month and I won’t have to negotiate with anyone for that or face bargaining or anything of that sort. There is no scope for uncertainty. Financial freedom does have huge impact on the self Confidence of a person. Also, if I am contributing financially towards my family growth, Isn’t it a big leap in the direction of Women empowerment?

I Am A Working Woman & My After-Life is Valuable too.

Have you seen that ad on TV where a man forgot to take insurance policy and the woman is shown helpless, full of tears and complaints. As a kid, I used to think,’why should boys have all the fun?’ It’s not that I was fascinated by just the fun part; I was willing to take the responsibilities as well; I never thought I was any lesser! Though, death is not what we should talk of so lightly but that’s how it is. It made an impression on my mind that if you earn, somehow it makes you so important that you are just irreplaceable; alive or not! I wanted to be this ‘important’. And Here I am now, proudly in a position to offer something to my people, now or later.

I Am A Working Woman & I Can Be A Mom of Masses

I am a mom and like every one of us, I love my child. I want to give her best of everything, and also want to stay around all the time. My kid is school going, and she would not be with me even if I stayed at home!

While Snow is away, my job lets me be in the company of other children. And I am happy that my motherly affection is not just limited to my genetic child. I am an educator and I have a role way more than that. My profession gives me an opportunity to nurture and mould so many growing minds that it never feels like I am not loving my kid enough because I know that somewhere, another mother is taking good care of my child and I should trust her, for all the working moms are in the same ship!

I Am A Working Woman & I Know that I Can Not Do Everything alone, So I Manage

A working woman can no longer perform her duties to the best if her family isn’t happy. That’s the point where the chaos happens! And trust me struggle is real. But again your management skills are the saviour here. For me, secret to happiness lies in prioritizing. What is important and what can wait, this, is always clear in my mind. Reaching home early, has its perks, therefore I opted to stay local, and Mr Coolhead commutes. This way, I can mostly open door to him with a greeting. We can spend some quality time and indulge ourselves in co-parenting our only child. We are in this together and that makes everything smooth.

Though, I am overly passionate about my profession, exploring is deep-rooted in my genes. Blogging is also an extension of that (no matter how average or irregular). I think it does act as motivation for the youth (I spent time with daily) who have a tendency to idolize teachers and plan to follow their trail. I am blessed with a chance to influence so many lives. This is only possible because of my profession that I receive an enormous amount of affection and admiration;  it’s just impossible to complain.

So Yeah, I would continue managing things to the best of my calibre but If you ask would I trade being a working woman that I am, for anything else?

My Answer is…No!


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