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Don’t Tag Me ‘Antisocial’!

 I am living in the rented apartment for the last two years and I don’t even know the names and much whereabouts of my neighbours! I just revealed it, “I am not at all a, ‘Social Bee’. However, occasional exchange of pleasantries never hurt me!” I am happy in my own world, have always been!

I am even worse when it comes to calling people, so, consider yourself specially privileged if you get a message or call from my side! Tell you what; it’s really a struggle when I need to call my daughter’s class teacher. I try to avoid it as far as possible and give-in only when there is no way-out. However, if you talk about a face-to-face meeting, I am an entirely different person!

That reminds me of an incident on San’s (my daughter) third birthday; she was supposed to carry some gifts for her classmates (How weird, I thought! Birthday’s are for receiving gifts, aren’t they?) Anyhow, thinking it might be some kind of ritual as even ‘San’ has been receiving gifts from time-to-time. It was her turn now to return the favour.

Hence, her ‘Not-So-Social’ mom preferred ‘What’s-app’ to a ‘Call’ and got the total number of the students from the class teacher; and even ‘Madam’ sincerely replied but she didn’t forget to mention it in the next ‘Parent-Teacher-Meeting’.

That day, I very thoughtfully sent gifts along with sweets, to which she said, “Nobody sends sweets as these are not allowed in the school!”

I was like, “Oh, I am extremely sorry! I didn’t know as it’s my first time!”

So is everyone’s! How would you know? You didn’t call either!”

I was short-of-words, she was damn right! But why such a fuss over ‘calling’, as if this was the last thing on earth for communication! Why those ‘messengers’ were even discovered? Obviously to make life comfortable to ‘semi-eccentric’ people like ‘me’ who don’t quite hate calling but don’t like it either.

Does it make me non-social? Or Do I sound like ANTISOCIAL?

Occasionally, I have seen people distancing themselves from me to avoid a factual and straight-forward answer. Once, a ‘teacher’ was boasting of her work ‘overload’. I was prompted to ask, “How many lectures do you deliver?”

She was instant, “five…everyday!”

That’s it? I take six periods!” I was swift too.

Ours is a practical subject!” (Commerce? I mean really? she might be referring to numerical, I guess!)

So what do you think, this Animal science is all about?” I continued. “Dear, you are not the only one overworking, I take practical classes in addition to theory, plan them beforehand, check the practical files, organize field visits, maintain a stock-register of all the consumables and non-consumables and get them checked, signed and audited. Sometime I also perform the duties of lab attendant, myself. And I have an additional burden of maintaining a clean lab in addition to my personal room….” I was counting but by this time I sensed a silence past an earthquake…she had stopped paying attention to me. I kept thinking, “I wasn’t yet finished…!” Outcome: The ‘aftershocks’ were felt for many months and we only exchanged gazes, no words! (Where was I wrong? Did I overpower her? I was just trying to sympathize! Or whatever)!

My social capabilities are always on assessment. Whenever our land-lady has any query she prefers to ask bob (my husband) and I am like why? Why not me? Do I look scary or she just underestimates me? She is too much anxious about the cleanliness of her house (I mean why rent it out in the first place when you are so obsessed?) Even after hiring a maid, we are supposed to make cleaning our first priority! Spare us auntie!

Right now, she is on a renovation mission and we are ‘le miserable’ for the last two weeks. She drops any-time with her list of the do’s and don’ts, “I am very particular about cleanliness! When we lived in rented house, I never let the house owner feel upset, even once!”

You are right auntie; even my Mom-in-law doesn’t rest for a sec. She is always up, doing this or that,” I corroborated.

I heard so from your maid.” She shrugged it, just like that.

I couldn’t resist, “She is your age and cleans your house as her own. What to do, I think by this age people don’t have much to explore. So they end up cleaning everything crystal-clear! Poor young people put their mind in so many businesses that it gets tough to concentrate on one house task….” She was already staring at me and I rather shushed (Gosh! Again, I let my words slip).

Ha…By this time you must be thinking, “How nonsocial or may be Antisocial!

But wait before you make an opinion, let me tell you that I love gatherings, all that noise, chitchat and dance. I am even the ‘In-charge’ of cultural activities in the College; also look after the ‘Women Cell’ and above all I am a ‘Teacher’! I can’t afford to stay aloof because my work calls for being expressive, crowdfriendly and not to mention interact! I can be seen ‘inspiring’ people; I am good with manners; I daily check my e-mails and visit social networking sites, frequently; and you know it, I too respond to the readers on WordPress.

Aren’t these proofs enough for my being ‘sufficiently’ social?

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  • Bhopesh Thakur

    Society wants to see you like the way, it is. No need to panic, regarding social obligations, because, the society itself has categorized you, in the way, as it does for other issues. Your mind should be free for the betterment of the society, itself, as you have enlisted your skills…

  • BunKaryudo

    I tend to be a little shy when I first meet people but then very friendly if I feel relaxed around them. Because of this initial shyness, I was sometimes thought of as being antisocial, but really I’m not.

  • Parveen Sabharwal

    Correct and the nature has provided us numerous examples where two individuals can’t be the same. Yes they are different in looks , nature, commitments , so forth and so on but we being social animals tend to behave like others do. Only a few retain their originality and identity I compliment you on your style. Maintain it

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