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   This summer was awesome because I met the best of my buddies, after almost two years. And now that we all have children, it was kind of special.

Some fourteen years back, we bumped into each other. An instant connection led to a spontaneous friendship.  Together we laughed; we cried (Okay, it was I, most of the times); we argued; we fought; we mocked; and we sulked . In short, we drove each other nuts and today, here we are, so far still so near. We were kind of fanatical, who spent some nastiest moments together and some best ones too. Everybody admires and longs for such a friendship and I have it for real. I treasure them all and try to catch up when and where possible. But I have not been the same always. People often say, “Making friends is easy; keeping them is hard.” And for me, both were tough cookies. Before these super chums, I have had really few friends (even in my childhood). I can count them on fingers. (I don’t consider accompanying crowd ‘friends’). For me friends always meant the ones like you see in the movies; the ones doing anything and everything for one another; going to any extremes types. But to my dismay, earlier I met mere earthy people, lacking any such trait. No wonder they missed permanent stay in my life.

Sometimes in sixth standard, I tried to lower my expectation and voluntarily asked a girl to be my best friend (it sounds funny I know) and guess what she said yes; Making me the happiest person on earth. Now that I had a pal, I tried to live the fantasy, I always had. I tried to be caring and sharing. Seeing such devotion parents sometimes got irritated too. I remember myself convincing my mother once, “So what ma, I spend so much time with her, even more than you. Aren’t we supposed to care?” How naive. But this friendship saga ended soon as I changed place for further studies. Though I missed her but we never contacted. And now that she was out of sight, slowly she went out of mind too. Thanks to other distractions.

The search for a true friend continued. I met some akin on the way but destiny soon parted our ways, until this fair and beautiful lass crossed my way. Best part, we stayed in same locality, studied in same college. I really spend some good time with her for around three years. We studied together, ate together, and talked incessantly while walking our way to home. But at times, I realized we were not able to do stuff, I believed true friends are supposed to do. Blame it to our being girls (that too teenage), who have their societal limits set. Fine, now I understand that and not an issue any more. Eventually, we two went our own ways and the gap just kept expanding.

I was lonesome again. I won’t say alone because there are some angels in our life who persistently keep guarding and guiding us, never leaving us alone, no matter what we do or think (I am blessed to have one in my life). But a friend is a friend. Plus, I was in a new place and for me; this was a terrible time to stay chum less. I hated the place, though earlier this very place was my prime longing. But great God had his plans, I think better ones. It was here only that my search for THE BEST FRIENDS ended and never again after that, I felt the need to look for ‘true friend’.

Today, I wish to thank you all for just “Being” there. HAPPY OUR DAY.CHUMS-AB






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Hi I am Mann, a travel enthusiastic woman who loves to explore places along with her family. I don’t understand solo travelling; I need my people around to share the joy of discovering things. My constant travel companions are- Mr CoolHead, my husband and Snow, My only child of 6 years. Follow my blog as I take you to small adventures of my life.


  • Bhopesh Thakur

    Dear you have created a new word CHUMS-AB, for the future literature, but you also have rejuvenated our friendship saga…
    Your experiences with the true friends reveal your level of commitments, as I know for sure…
    Luck has blessed me with your simple, true, selfless and everlasting friendship…May this grows for our future generations…

  • Hitesh Kumar

    Wow so elaborate narration dear Manju. I had seen such fine deatails in quiet a few books from some bestseller authors. You must try a hand on writing. Happy friendship. I do cherish it.

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