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Book Review: Burtrum Lee By Mary Maurice

Burtrum Lee

Burtrum Lee Conner, a woman around forty, lives in Santa Fe with a family to whom she often fails to feel connected, except for her Grand-mother, Clair, who she thinks is closest to her. Lee confides in her; she shares her feelings and dilemmas with her, and Clair, in turn always offers her shoulder for Lee to lean on.

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But this time, it was different. Lee’s life is a complete mess and she isn’t her normal self. Her house is plundered by some unknown intruder. She fails to understand why she is so important? So what, if she is the first artificially inseminated baby! Why is someone after her? She is scared to death and keeps a low-profile on her grand mother’s discretion by wandering wayward in the city.

It is there that Lee bumps into Megan, and the two instantly bond. However, Megan is a lesbian, she feels a different kind of attraction towards Lee. She couldn’t leave Lee alone after their first meeting.

Then there are two different persons looking out for Lee; Katie and Dr Stones. Both are desperate to get to Lee, and claim their right on her.

Unaware, Lee gets kidnapped and the man asks for big ransom from Conners as well as Katie. All attempts of Lee to abscond fail. Circumstances force her Kidnapper to take shelter in Lee’s own home. She wondered if anybody was even looking for her!

At Clair’s Lee’s parents discuss about a fateful night in the past and repent for their ill doings.

Before Katie or Dr Stone could reach up to Lee, Megan tries to release her in an interesting sequence of event but Lee denies. She believes the kidnapper knows something which pertains to her.

Coming true to her belief, the Kidnapper reveals the dark mystery behind the detachment what Lee has been feeling lately. She was devastated knowing that it’s not her silly hormones that are responsible for the awkward feelings, actually her complete life till now has been a lie. Now she understands why she was given a weird name like Burtrum Lee? She is heartbroken especially to learn that her dearest grand mother is also a fake.

Reader’s Take:

The book is loaded with drama, and suspense. You witness the bonding, deceit, understanding, strain in relationships, and some unnecessary blood shed, and all are enough to keep you glued. What makes the book more interesting is the language, the flow, and the style in which it is written. The book is easy on mind. There are predictable moments also.

I just feel bad for Megan. Though the story is woven around Lee, it’s the revelation about Megan that steals the show in the end. It was one thing least expected.

What is this revelations?

Why Lee is being chased?

Who are Katie and Dr Stone?

Why are they also searching Lee?

Who sends the Kidnapper?

Why he asks Katie for money?

What happened on that fateful night?

And the big one,

What does the Kidnapper tell Lee about her past?

To find out the answers grab your copy.

*The book was sent to me by the Author herself.

Check out this book on Goodreads: Burtrum Lee https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36468635-burtrum-lee

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  • Mary Maurice

    Dear Mann, Thank you very much for the excellent review, and I appreciate the time you spent to read Burtrum Lee, and then share it with the world. I look forward to future blogs with you! Once again, thank-you very much! Mary Maurice

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