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Nutty Gutty Parenting


I was out to attend a family function with ‘Mr CoolHead’ and My ‘GlowinGal’. Every moment was enormously joyful and memorable. I want to remember some nutty parenting moments that may bury under the layers of time and for that I trust this blog more than my own memory. Moreover Sharing brings ultimate JOY.  Even right now, I am having a big smile while putting my words on this blank page.

We all agree that children are cute and adorable but sometimes they become a big pain in the bum. How do you handle the situation? Of course, you pose like a perfectly calm parent, pretending as if nothing is bothering you! Am I right? Well, at-least that is what I tried to do.

Wearing high heels, as we neared our hilly destination, ‘GlowinGal’ was not at all willing to put her feet down. She insisted on picking up. I tried to convince but ended up loaded and stumbling here and there. Inside FUMING, outside calm as cucumber; I couldn’t afford to leave her on her own. So, a clumsy walk is all right as long as we are on track ;). (This is what I call harmonizing part of parenting act)

Amid the Bhangra beats and shaking booties, it was hard not to go with the flow. Life appeared to be nothing short of a dancing jamboree and then my eyes catch a wide open mouth and a tearful face of the apple of my eye. DJ was so loud, but I could read the message loud and clear…it’s time for an exit.

After much negotiation both of us came to an agreement…I could dance as long as she was in my arms! And that was no way, a good News! (This is what I call the huffing part of parenting act). However, Mr Coolhead is always there for a rescue with his icy cool temper.

All the dance maniacs were catching their breath for a moment. Out of nowhere, my princess comes and empties a full glass of water over the head of my nephew. Ouch! He is young and obviously had every reason to be mad. Before he reacts, I took a deep breath and patted his shoulder, “It happens buddy; be cool. Now that your hair are wet, let’s go for a fresh hairdo.” Poor Boy; He followed my words. (This is what I call ‘being Cool’ part of parenting act).

In a traditional setting, people were being distributed food in a very organized manner. A person would move with a bowl in his hand, and served to all. I was very careful not to waste any food, so every time I instructed him to give her a little. She amazed me by adapting to this mode of eating. In his own flow, the distributor served her a sweet dish which she doesn’t know the flavour of! There she was, yelling amid hundreds of people. I knew it was the time for a tantrum.

Kids have typical ways to express their disagreement. She again emptied her water glass in the plate, and I again took a deep breath, and chanted inside…I-G-N-O-R-E. Yes, I ignored as if nothing happened, picked up the water flooded plate, and disappeared from the scene… (and this is what I call the energy saving part of parenting act).

According to me, ‘NOT TO FRET’ is the most important part of intelligent parenting.

Well, in that case, I did a great Job. Didn’t I?


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