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Honey! Mommy’s having a rough day!

Yeah, you hear it right! This is one such day when ‘Mommy’ completely feels like a tired sloth with no energy left to utter even a word and if she looks forward for some serenity at home after a weary day at work , it’s absolutely understandable but is it affordable with a toddler around?

mom-having-terrible-day (1)Most days with your kids are purely bliss but sometime everything seems so annoying that you don’t understand what’s wrong and where? The children keep testing your patience from time to time. There are times when the tots decide to stay on a howling sequence and make sure that you don’t get any air to breath.

Initially, like an ideal mother, you try to be considerate and maintain your composure. You hear all the crying and see the crocodile-tears with almost an unruffled mind but the thing doesn’t end and extends for hours together. Instead of having a rejuvenating siesta, all you do is, move the kid in-and-out, try every possible thing in your reach. You give her sheets and colours to do some drawing, give her your make-up stuff which she would adore otherwise, you try engaging her in some game on the laptop, videos on the cell-phone but nothing seems to work today.

Mommy makes the mind to take her princess for a walk in the park, only to face a new problem. The poor child is having issues with peers because of her bossy nature so she keeps coming back to you now and then, complaining and crying. As a thoughtful mother you try to help her make friends with her supposedly “friends”.

You take a breath that finally she is playing and not shedding tears. Well…don’t get mistaken; don’t even expect that you can chill-out, like that. Watch your swift bunny; she is already out of park and on the road …as if participating in a marathon? Here, it’s your turn now but you have got to be fast…sprint may be! Finally you catch her but till then she has spotted a girl-friend whose mother runs a beauty-parlor nearby and now it’s time to go visit her otherwise she is all set to do rock-and-roll, right there. Although, initially she seeks permission but slowly increases the load and volume, attempts begging, shows aggression, followed by tears and what not, until you agree to YES.

2d81f3d361aa8c2b752b0207f77c9828And now there you are, sitting inside the beauty-parlour where kids are trying to be friendly and you trying to be ‘normal’. Mommy-2 is busy with her own stuff and her girl is busy in showcasing fresh girlish items to your daughter. You try to close your eyes to give them the must-needed rest and Lo! Suddenly, “it’s mine!” No, it’s mine! Aaaa…Maaaaa (screams)…and before you understand what is happening two of them are already rolling on the floor… biting into each other, pinching wherever possible and pulling each other’s hairs. Since you are the knight-in-shining-armour, controlling your own temper, you separate them and show them their respective ways.

Time to go home, it’s already getting dark! But the little monster is not at all interested and it’s time that the knight show some might. You try to be firm and almost pull her forcefully home where she keeps on showing varied tantrums. She is getting-on-your-nerves now and it is really hard to keep your cool. No wonder! You grunt and you yell. It’s obviously frustrating. You have got no time to actually ‘think’, all evening. There are zillion tasks pending in the kitchen; there is laundry; class tests to be evaluated; lectures to be prepared….Your mind stops working and the frustration start budding. You only wish, “somehow, at-east right-now… Leave me alone…I don’t want to say anything or listen…I just want to have some peace and a good night sleep….”

Fairy starsMom is expected to be loving, caring and giving, all the time. But how many times it is realized that she is first a ‘human’ and sometime she too runs out of fuel and needs a refill. Today she had a rough day! Does it make her less motherly? Give her a break today! Who knows, May be tomorrow, Mommy will wake up a magical wand and make everything way better than usual…!

Hope, I am not being judged here! Do share your views. I know there are ‘mothers’ much much better than me and I would sincerely love to hear from them.

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