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#mothersday #motherdaughter #smartmommy #twinning #pinkdresses #stagelook #partylook

Do You Think You Are A Smart Mother? Think again! #happymothersday

Mom or Supermom, That’s the question!!!!

#mothersday #motherdaughter #smartmommy #twinning #pinkdresses #stagelook #partylook


Ever been part of this competition which is going on in the modern world?
Every woman is in a race to present herself as the best possible mother to her kids which is good thing; kids are getting enormous attention as a bonus 😜😜 but do you ever think how stressful it is for mothers?????😨😨No you don’t!!! You just air the ideas and get doting mothers to business! 🙅🙅🙅

There was an invitation rather obligation from Snow’s new School for a mandatory appearance on the occasion of Mother’s day pre-celebration. Not just a common appearance; mothers were expected to show some swag 👸 if not gifted with a talent or so!!!

Thoughtfully I chose first; it’s easy for me.😊😊But it became rather complex; they needed two swagger (👭) together in similar attire even the colour should match, and option was limited to INDIAN ONLY. What is this?

Anyways we managed it and walked on the ramp…hand in hand and with our charisma, won many hearts. 💞💞Proudly we made our position in top five finalist as well. No wonder this mother would have won the ‘race’ for smartest mother, had my pretty pink partner remained stuck to her choices!!!

Oh…poor mommy was surprised to see that her daughter’s favourite colour had changed to yellow from pink (I mean since when???), and ShinChen replaced Doremon as her preferred cartoon character!!!!😱😱😱

I knew I was going to lose it…the race…to be the smartest mom!!!! 👹👹

Do I feel bad???

Yes I do!!!🙇🙇

Not for the title you swift minds, but the gift pack which the winner received…And nobody’ll ever know,’what was inside!’😢😢

Oh…Jokes apart…I didn’t feel bad at all. I am friends with failure. 😏😏

Yeah, it’s good to be competitive and get our heads into such events once in a while but should we depend upon others for telling us, ‘How good we are as mothers or as humans for that matter?’

Motherhood is a beautiful, demanding, and unique journey for each one of us…we make mistakes…we stumble…we learn…we become better…and then we make new mistakes…learning a new lesson every time. That’s how it goes as per my experience and I believe, it’s the truest tale of all.

I don’t think any mother can be perfect (no offence…every mother’s love is PERFECT, without any question)!

Though she is always looking for ways to be perfect…tirelessly and trust me…there are many… undiscovered, unused ways…🤔🤔

So Mommies! Keep looking…keep improving and keep loving cause that’s what mothering is all about…

And yay…I am needed somewhere!!! Let me go and clean all the makeup mess that Snow has just created; She looks horrible with all the smudged eye makeup!!!!😲😲😲

Happy Mothering all!😊😊😊

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